Blantyre Muslim Youth Celebrate Eid in Style

    Some of the participants at the function

    Blantyre based Muslim youth celebrated eid-ul-fitri in a remarkable fashion during a function held at the state-of-art Iqra Islamic Propagation Centre on Sunday.

    The function which pulled together almost one thousand Muslim youth around Blantyre was organised by Muslim students Association MSA for Blantyre chapter in conjunction with Islamic Information Bureau.

    This was the first time for the youth to celebrate eid in such manner.

    Apart from assorted food items and soft drinks that were offered, there were numerous activities such us live performance of Nasheeds, poem and comedies.

    Participants also were involved in competitions of Quran recitation, quiz and Nasheeds in which the winners were awarded several prizes such as Quran, Islamic Books and money.

    Speaking in an interview after the function national Coordinator for Islamic Information Bureau’s Youth Desk Jafari Idana said the event was mainly organised to emphasise the need for Muslim youth to celebrate eid in accordance to the Islamic teachings.

    “Some youths tend to travel to long places such as lakes during this festival, but the most worrisome thing is that some harram things are done such as intermingling of opposite sexes, a thing which is very unfortunate,” he said.

    He added that the event was also aimed at giving a rare retreat to those who normally fail to join their fellow youths in travelling due to lack of resources.

    “As you know nowadays things are expensive so we wanted to make this celebration so special.”

    The theme for the event was ‘to make someone smile’.

    The resources for the event were mobilised by the students from several Blantyre based Muslims.


    1. Such rare talented youth like this Jafar Idana are not easy to get nowadays. Thanks to IIB for bringing him in our society, our children are transforming. We hope you will support him more.

    2. Yes, we enjoyed our eid. it was a good function even if there was no drinks, but we all eat ice reams which some of us was first time. May Allah bless the organising

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