Muslim youth in Blantyre have organised Eid-ul-Fitir joint celebrations at Chichiri Upper Stadium, following the sighting of the moon (SHAWWAL)on Thursday 9 September 2010.

    Under an umbrella grouping known as Blantyre Muslim Youth Network, comprising of all youth organisations in the City, this is the first time that they have teamed up for such an annual event.

    The youth are expected to join eid prayers organised by NIFA at the venue, and later proceed with their arranged programme. Activities will include an eid ul fitir parade, football, netball, athletics, drama, fun games and charity work. Food and drinks will also be available.

    Meanwhile, a popular organisation, Swaliheena Institute, is said to have officially pulled out of any involvement at a recent meeting due to some circumstances surrounding the issue of guest of honour.

    However, latest reports indicate that the guest of honour who fueled arguments, will not avail himself as he is reported to be out of the country, attending to official duties. according to Sheikh Jafar Kawinga, Blantyre district MAM chairman, the youth asked him for an alternative guest, preferably a government minister.

    Speaking to this author on Thursday evening on telephone and sounding confused, Kawinga confirmed having conviced MP for the area, Hon. John Bande, after futile attempts to have other ministers who said they were busy. However, in a twist, the youth are said to have settled for Sheikh Muhammad Uthmaan as guest of honour.

    Eid ul Fitir is an annual celebration for Muslims after a month long fasting in Ramadhaan, a religious obligation. The day is a public Holiday in Malawi.