Blogs: Noise at Madinah Masjid in Limbe During Friday Prayers Too Irritating


MarshallIf you visit Madinah Masjid in Limbe today, you will be greeted by a sign which urges everyone to remain silent. But you will be surprised to see that what happens inside the masjid is totally different. People make a lot of noise from their arrival until the time of Khutbah.

Instead of listening to the Khutbah, people are always busy discussing worldly things – they don’t even care about the importance of listening Khutbah on Friday.

This tendency is mainly rampant among Muslim brothers of Asian origin. These people make noise even when Iqama has been done. They crack jokes while their friends have started praying, things that many people have been complaining for a while.

“They take the masjid as their house. They forget that it is the house of Allah. And you wonder that most of the people who do these are grown up – not kids. I wonder what type of Islam is that,” One Muslim brother was heard as saying after one Friday prayers.

The custodians of the masjid have tried to make their announcement including putting the sign at the entrance but it seems like nobody is listening.

But what does Islam say about making noise when Imaam is delivering Khutbah?

According to many scholars, once the khutbah commences, it is wâjib for all those present to listen to the khutbah. This is irrespective of whether they are sitting near the imâm or far away from him. It is also makrûh-e-tahrîmî to do such a thing which will distract one from listening. Just as eating, drinking, talking, walking, making salâm, answering to a salâm, reading a tasbîh, showing someone a mas’ala of the Sharî’ah is prohibited while one is in salâh, it is also prohibited while the khutbah is delivered.

When someone asked about making noise during Khutbah, one of the well Known scholars Sheikh Muhammad Al-Munajjid said: “Those who attend Jumu’ah prayer should be quiet and listen attentively to the imam when he is preaching. It is not permissible to speak to others, even if that is to tell them to be quiet. Whoever does that has engaged in idle talk (laghw), and whoever engages in idle talk, his Jumu’ah prayer does not count.”

The Sheikh went on quoting a hadith which was narrated from Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “If you say to your companion when the imam is preaching on Friday, ‘Be quiet and listen,’ you have engaged in idle talk.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 892; Muslim, 851).

In another hadith, it was narrated that Abu’l-Darda’ said: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) sat on the minbar and addressed the people, and he recited a verse. Ubayy ibn Ka’b was next to me, so I said to him: “O Ubayy, when was this verse revealed?” But he refused to speak to me, so I asked him again and he refused to speak to me, until the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) came down (from the minbar). Then Ubayy said to me: “You have gained nothing from your Jumu’ah except idle talk.” When the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) had finished (the prayer), I went to him and told him (what had happened). He said: “Ubayy was right. When you hear your imam speaking, then keep quiet and listen attentively until he has finished.” Narrated by Ahmad, 20780; Ibn Maajah, 1111; classed as saheeh by al-Busayri and al-Albaani in Tamaam al-Mannah, p. 338.

This is clear evidence that it is obligatory to remain silent and listen attentively, and that it is forbidden to speak while the imam is delivering the khutbah on Friday.

 Observe Silence at Madinah Masjid.


  1. it is a real problem occurring in many muslim places of worship. It is for such reason that our Ibada does not frequently benefit where our Dua went unanswered. Mosques are purely place of worship ONLY, not any other business. if one cannot maintain discipline of worship such silence in mosque, he/she has no business of going to the mosques. opposite means one will come with sin from mosque than gaining thawab and forgiveness. lets safeguard our actions so as to attract the pleasure of Allah SWT.

    May Allah reward brothers who authored the article to benefit the ummah.

  2. Hey, fellow Indian muslim brothers. I can’t even ask anyone about your nonsense noise during Jumuah swalaat at Madinah. I was shocked seeing this happening long time back. So, if you think that you left your Gods like Krishna, Vishnu, Shiva, Lakshmi, Durga, Saraswati, Venkateswara, Parvati etc in New Delhi, then, don’t deprive us from accumulating thawaab on this particular day coz we have Allah in Malawi same way they do in Saudi Arabia. Money is nothing to boast about but only Taqwa!!!

    • Bro Abdul Razaak,its best you mind your language and the way you interpret ! i feel ashmed to call you a muslim and were does the other Gods come from ?is it only asians who make noise in the Masjids ? How dcan you say our Gods like krishna etc ? i think you are naive and if i was in your place i would remain silent.

      We dont have unity amongst ourselves that is why our ummah suffers because we have idiots like you in the muslim commuinity.its a shame have a person like you and people who inslut other races.

      May Allah safeguard us all and forgive our bad deeds and show the right path to sensless people like you.

  3. Brothers..

    The brother that talks about Asian gods.. This is totally unnecessary..

    The brother that called him an idiot.. This is totally unnecessary…

    Then you both wonder why there is no Unity..

    If our Rasul was around, would you both speak like this?

    We are Muslim.. We must learn not to be abusive to one another or have pride.. One of the most important attributes of a Muslim is his character…

    You both have the freedom and choice to say what you want.. But brothers remember, one has not tasted the sweetness of the seen until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself…

    Lets give the kafir the opportunity to swear at us, not ourselves .. BarakAllahu fikum

  4. Abdul Razak – yes there is problem regarding noise at every masjid not only at Madinah Massjid. The problem has been acknowledged by the so called asians who you say are worshipping other gods!! But since you are pin pointing has anyone complained about how the black muslims behave during iftar in Ramadhan? Has any Malawian been abused racially or physically?

    Every person who comes to the masjid is a muslim regardless of there skin colour, which car he comes in, how much money he’s got in his pocket or bank, what clothes he’s wearing. Please avoid such comments otherwise all new muslims will regret becoming muslims and go back to the religion which they left.

  5. Fellow Muslims
    This is interesting. Lets refrain from making noise during that period soon after adhana. Lets think about why we are there. I find this website very interesting and am home all times. NDAKUSOWANA MA NYASA NONSE YOU ARE THE MOST WELL BEHAVED PEOPLE IN THE WORLD OSATI ZIDUDE ZIRI KUNO ZINGOKWATANI ZAZIMUNA ZOKHAZOKHA ZAZIKAZINSO PAZOKHA.

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