Al-Manasik Director Sheikh Matiya Dies



    One of the renowned sheikhs in Malawi Sheikh Amani Matiya has passed away.

    The Sheikh died on Thursday morning at Mwaiwathu Hospital in Blantyre. His body will be taken to his home village in Nkhotakota later in the day after completing the formalities at Kamba Masjid in Blantyre.

    More details to come.


    1. Indeed Malawi, Nkhotakota & the Muslim community in particular have lost a prominent member and an orator of note; in Sheikh Aman Matiya.
      Innaalillahi wa innaa ilayh raajiuun!
      May Allah rest his soul.

    2. “INNAA LILLAH WA INNAA ILAIHI RAAJ’OON”, It has been a tragic news today to learn about this sudden death of our very very fellow beloved and renowned sheikh Amaan Matiya. May Allah the Almighty forgive his all sins and grant him JANNATUL FILDAUS insha-Allah – Ameen. The extent that I know Sheikh Matiya is that he was a very straight person when something goes a miss on an Islamic perspective. Sheikh Matiya was a very influential Da’ee who has dwelt in the field of Dawah for the rest of his life despite of some challenges that he could meet in his life while executing his Dawah career and yes we admit because its there as a divine policy.
      Much I know Malemu Baba Sheikh Matiya is that he was a very perseverent person. Much that we can speak of Malemu Baba Sheikh Matiya is that Malawi and its Muslim community has lost its an experienced Muslim scholar whom most of the times his decisions were being adopted to shape up the structural future development of Islam in Malawi. Let us just make more Duaas for him and for his family members who have been left behind.

    3. It is a shock and a very sad news coming at this time when Malawi needs strong character Shaikhs like Sh Aaman Matiya, May Allah Taala grant him JannatulFirdous Ameeen!!

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