Breaking News: Blantyre Women Off for Mangochi to Attend 2010 Ijtma

Women from Blantyre have left this afternoon for Mangochi for 2010 Ijtmah which will take place at Muhbub Memorial Centre 12 kilometres away from Mangochi town.

On speaking to Malawi Muslim Official Website on departure at Blantyre main mosque, Sister Sunat Kamtunda from Bangwe E who is also Mangochi East secretary for Muslim Women Organisation, praised Muslim women in the Country for their union and urged Muslim men to do the same.

“I have been absent for the past gathering but now I can’t wait,” she said.

“I should congratulate women in Malawi especially Muslims for their union and I ask Muslim men to do the same. We are expecting a lot form Mangochi this year”

Sister Edina London from Nguludi B also appealed Muslim men who stop their women to participate in these important events not to do so saying women learn a lot from attending these gatherings.

“I am very happy to go and attend this gathering. I am telling you this event is very important and we women learn a lot from these [events],” she said.

“I should also take this opportunity to appeal men who top their wives to attend these gatherings because we women learn a lot from these and it helps also to keep our families spiritually strong,” said sister London.

The gathering is expected to attend over 10,000 Muslim Women from all districts in Malawi and it will be one of the unforgettable events in the history of Muslim Women in Malawi, according to sister Fatima Ndaila, MWO secretary.

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