LMJ Medicals for State-of-the-art Hospital

Muhammad Irshad Bari
Bari: We need to assist many people

Limbe Muslim Jamaat (LMJ) Medical Services has revealed their plan to build state-of-the-art hospital as one way of complementing Malawi Government’s efforts in ensuring that every citizen has access to good health care facilities in the country.

LMJ Administrator Muhammad Abdul Bari disclosed this to Malawi Muslims Official Website in an exclusive interview saying the hospital will have up to 100 beds, Operating Theatre among other facilities.

Currently, Bari said the organization has few health centres and carries out Free Medical Camps across the country aimed at assisting the underprivileged.

“We are trying our best to achieve the implementation for the new proposed hospital plan but to ensure that everyone in the country is accessing our services, we have embarked on a new system of free medical camps which have seen over 12,000 patients benefiting so far. In October, we were at Liwonde whereby more than 700 patients were assisted.

“From there, we also went to an area of T/A Nakula in Nauchi near Mozambique border and we assisted more than 1800 patients and also in Ntaja where we assisted more than 1170 patients and this coming Sunday (December 6, 2015) we will also go back to Nauchi where we also expect to assist more patients. All these medical services offered through these camps are totally free of charge,” said the Administrator.

IMG-20151031-WA0023The other new health centres LMJ has managed to establish are Mangochi and Lilongwe and Bari said the Lilongwe clinic has a Pathology laboratory for kidney and abdominal test.


“There is an new clinic in Lilongwe which is located in Area 2 behind Jama Masjid and we are offering subsidized charges and free medical services to the needy people We are going to introduce other medical checkup facilities in Lilongwe and Blantyre which will be operating free of charge just to assist people,” said Bari.

When asked the amount of money spent on this project he said: “Let me thank the donors for their support and generous help. Other well wishers have also assisted us with the mobile clinic which is operating in Songani, Zomba and Mangochi totally free of charge and currently more than 60,000 patients have been assisted through the subsidized prices.


“We have also introduced a free service for Malaria Tests in all centres and currently more than 17,000 patients have been tested and this will continue. We want also to start assisting the aged and under five children,” he said.

Limbe Muslim Jamaat started offering health services in the country since 2009 and it has been the only hope foe those people who cannot afford to go to other privatre hospitals due to heavy charges.


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