Forum for Muslim Defense Quashes Islamic Concern MAM Chairman’s Resignation Demand

    Hussein Mwarab: Making a statement

    Hussein Mwarab: Making a statement

    A group of Muslims calling itself Forum for Muslim Defense has quashed Islamic concern’s demand calling the Muslim Association of Malawi Chairman to resign

    The grouping chaired by Hussein Mwarab said this on Friday afternoon at a press briefing in Blantyre where other Islamic organisations such Muslim Task Force for Democracy, Muslim Youth Concern among others were also present.

    Islamic concern on Tuesday asked MAM chair to issue a press release against Muslim women who are dancing in political rallies or else he should step down.

    However, Mwarab said telling the chairman to resign because of that issue is completely “nonsense” because the issue of Shariah is handled by Majilis Ulama not MAM.

    “So if it was about resigning it should be the Majilis Chair not MAM. However, we strongly agree on the issue of Gule wa asilamu alowe as said in political rallies. This is not allowed and should not be entertained but calling someone to resign without consulting him first is not true. As Muslims we have our own means of sorting out the differences than rushing to the media,” said Mwarab.

    He however said Muslims should sit down and discuss the matter internally.

    On claims that MAM chair has been campaigning for President Dr Joyce Banda, Mwarab said his organisation has no evidence but hinted that if it is true then “we believe it is his opinion and as every human being, he is entitled to his own views. Therefore, we cannot punish him for that.”