Sheikh Yusuf Kanyamula Dies

    Kanyamula: No More
    Kanyamula: No More

    Former Muslim Association of Malawi ( MAM ) National Chairman Sheikh Yusuf Kanyamula has died.

    Kanyamula died around 2 am on Monday. He will be buried on Tuesday in Kwera Village T/A Kalomo, Ntchisi.

    Sheikh Kanyamula was born on January 11, 1941. He was a Christian before reverting to Islam in 1985.

    The Sheikh will be remembered as one of the key Muslim figures having translated Holy Quran and other into Chichewa language.

    Some of the books he translated include Holy QuranRiyadh-Us-SaliheenDos and Don’tsIdeal Muslim WomanThe Truth about Jesus, Christian Muslim Dialogue and Hadith 200.

    Other activities include Dawa on comparative religion and weekly lecture on Radion Islam Ife nde Asilamu since 2002.

    He also prepared research papers which include Case of District Assemblies ; Africa Insight Vol 34, 2003, The Role of Malawi Local Government in Community development’, Development Southern Africa journal Vol 20 No 2,  2003

    The late Kanyamula also did a Monogram for Strengthening Parliamentary Democracy in SADC Countries, Malawi Country Report and Southern Africa Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) Tim Hughes (eds), 2004 Cape Town.

    In 2014, Kanyamula was awarded at Malawi Muslim Awards for his role towards propagation of Islam in the country.


    1. May Allah grant him high place in jannat he did so much to raise Allah’s name and name of rasulullah swallalahu alaih wassallama .oh Allah ngay anali kuchita zoipa atalikisileni kuzoipazo koma ngati anali kuchita zabwino awonjezeleni zabwinonso

    2. May Allah reward him janatul Firdows I personally don’t know the late Sheikh but I was so proud of him after I read all his achievements in this short period of time.

    3. Innaa Lillaahi Wainnaa Ilayhi Raajiuun. Sheikh,Your enormous contribution to Dee and Madzedze Islamic in particular, will forever be remembered & cherished. May Allah rest your Soul Aameen.

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