Sidik Mia Makes U-Turn, Endorses Atupele



Sidik Mia
Sidik Mia

The former vice president for the South in the People’s Party (PP) Sidik Mia has made a u-turn and has now endorsed the UDF flag bearer Atupele Muluzi’s candidature.

According to Fraiday’s The Nation newspaper, Sidik Mia accompanied the youthful presidential candidate in his campain rallies in Machinga and Mangochi districts where he spoke and endorsed Atupele as the rightful presidential candidate in the May 20 tripartite elections.

The Nation newspaper, whose reporter Frank Namangale monitored Mia’s speech on Joy Radio quotes him as saying, “I am out of politics, but I have decided to endorse Atupele. Malawi needs to focus on challenges we are facing and that can only be made possible under the leadership of Atupele.”

There were strong rumours associating the lower shire giant to the Peter utharika’s DPP, but his close associates strongly refuted the allegations and said that people should keep their eyes open for  Mia’s move.

Mia is one of the first former ministers of the former ruling DPP who ditched the party at the death of former Malawi president late Dr Bingu wa Mutharika while his body was lying in state and rushed to support Dr Joyce Banda’s new government. He however resigned citing personal reasons.

Mia’s endorsement of Atupele’s candidature is a big boost to UDF’s campaign as Mia is very influential not only in the Lower Shire but even among the Muslim community.



  1. I feel sorry for people who think that Mia is influential in the Muslim community. He is only influential to those Muslims that survive through begging not Muslims like us who work for their living. To me he is a political prostitute who is bend on using Muslims for his own benefit not for Deen. He never does anything for nothing. He is greed and wants to rush up the political ladder even when his time is not yet up. Time belongs to Allah my brother and the earlier you realise this the better.

    Now you are busy using and confusing the Muslim women groupings and all this for your own political mileage, who doesn’t know. Your resignation from politics is just lip service, deep down your heart you are planning a comeback. Who do you want to cheat. Muslim sisters must be wary of brothers like you. First it was Kanjedza sisters and now MWA. I don’t trust you at all. You never really do something wholly for Deen except when you get something out of it.

    You and Khumbo are the same. Desperate and confused politicians.

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