Building one Malawi with fairness and justice


As a nation, repeatedly, we are urged to coexist, tolerant, habitually echoed by politicians, the clergy, cultural groupings, making it an absolute component for fostering national development, against traces of alienation and isolation.

Honestly, developmental strides, for a country like Malawi, cannot be achieved in isolation, or by alienating some quarters of the society. The nation’s society, which is in diverse nature, both in cultural and spiritual, ought to move together, bond together, share opportunities together, in building one Malawi.

Our tradition to coexist and tolerant, should not be lip serviced. It should translate into a nation of one common goal. Therefore all people be recognized. The power of coexistence and tolerance, in spearheading national development should not be substituted with selfishness.

The more inclusive we live as one people, the more we achieve development goals. Our coexistence should not merely be a smear, where our hearts rejects compassion and sense of sharing. We should always aim at creating a just social order.

While cultural and religious diversity is naturally inevitable, the bond that we are Malawians, holding one flag, one anthem, should be a selling card for one product, the product of one nation. No category of citizens should lock themselves, claiming as rightful owners of Malawi first and last.

As a matter of building bridges of cooperation and compassion, we share schools, health services, provide help where needed unconditionally, despite cultural and religious background. All that is aimed at realising the realities of one nation.

The task to reinforce development, requires conceited efforts, which can be traced in our diversity. Living by engaging others, builds confidence, ideal for individuals, to effectively contribute to national development.

As a way to progress, we should be able to establish relations of generosity and just behaviour. The Noble Qur’an addresses the human race, “Allah loves those who act fairly” (60:8) Based on such spiritual message, isolation, segregation and, alienation need not to form part of our living.

It is worthwhile to mention that, sincere believers are the ones who quest for fairness, Justice, compassion, inclusiveness, and support for all people. We should never let our hatred for people lead to oppress them. We will only be doing injustice.

When we commit acts of injustice and oppressing some people, we should know that the reward is bitter. The prophet of Islam, Muhammad ( peace be upon him) warned humanity as he said, “Beware of the supplication of the oppressed, for there is no blockage between it and Allah Almighty”.