Sunday, June 20, 2021

Status of Women in Islam-Must Read

The status of woman in Islam constitutes no problem. The attitude of the Qur'an and the early Muslims bear witness to the fact that...

Why Our Duas Are Not Accepted?

Ibrahim Bin Adham was asked as to why our dua’s do not get accepted even though Allah Ta`ala has said, “And ask of me;...

‘The Rise of a Muslim Woman,’ Interview with Asiyatu Lipenga

Photo: Sister Asiyatu Lipenga in her Shop- Limbe Welcome to our first edition of ‘The Rise of a Muslim Woman’ program here on Malawi Muslim...

Important Things you didnt know About Laylatul Qadr

                                                     ORIGIN OF LAYLATUL QADR  Anas (R.A) in Durre Manthur said rasul llah (SAW) said that “laylatul qadr” was granted to this ummat only and...

Death, An Unavoidable End

Death is considered to be an end and a final destruction by those who do not believe in the Hereafter. This is a flawed...

How To Raise your Child to be a Good Muslim

It is true that the first learning center for a child is the mother’s lap. The mannerisms of the parents are reflected in the...

What Does Islam Say About Hijab of Men

Wonder why it is only that women must cover their whole bodies except hands and faces, while I have never heard someone taking about...

20 Exam Tips for Students

Praise be to Allaah and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger and upon his family and companions. The Muslim student puts his trust in...