By Abdulmageed Dyton

Prostrating Rock

There are numerous miracles (mu’jiza) that were performed by the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), his Companions, their followers and great Muslim Ulama.

However, the most common feature about these performances is the humility of the Muslim scholars; they do not publicise them as proof of Islamic faith but rather as a compliment to their messages.

It is not uncommon to see in the modern times non-Muslims outdoing each other in performing ‘miracles’ in trying to woo people to their gatherings. One wonders whether these ‘miracles’ are indeed from the Almighty or are the artwork of al-jinnaat (spirits) intended to deceive people in these latter days as duly prophesied by Jesus Christ the Son of Mary (Peace Be Upon Him).

“For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect” (Matthew 24:24 – New American Standard Bible).

The Muslim Official Website brings you some, amongst the many, miracles performed by the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him):

The Holy Qur’an is the most powerful and living miracle bestowed by Allah upon the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). It is memorised by millions of Muslim faithfuls and is the most recited book on earth (due to the performance of five daily prayers where the Qur’an is always recited).

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) himself summarises:

“Before me, every prophet was given a miracle and they practiced it during their lifetime, i.e., Jesus used to cure the sick and make the dead alive, etc., Moses was given the stick etc., and I have been given the permanent miracle of the Qur’an till the Hour is established, so I hope that my followers will be more in number than all the other apostles, as my miracle will last till the Day of Resurrection, and it is a Glorious Book; when everyone reads it, even if he is a pagan etc., he is convinced that it was not written by any human being or any created thing (angels etc.) but it is from the Creator of the heavens and the earth.” (Bukhari).

It was narrated by Anas (RA) that the Meccans requested Allah’s Apostle (Peace Be Upon Him) to show them a miracle, so he showed them the splitting of the moon (Bukhari).

Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud describe the incident as follows: “We were along with Allah’s Messenger (Peace be Upon Him) at Mina that the moon was split up into two. One of its parts was behind the mountain and the other one was on this side of the mountain. Allah’s messenger (Peace Be Upon Him) said to us ‘Bear witness to this.’

It is reported that the stem of the date palm tree cried in the Prophet’s Masjid. Narrated Ibn Umar that the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) used to deliver his sermon (Khutba) while leaning against a trunk of a date-palm tree. When he had the pulpit made and used it instead, the trunk started crying and the Prophet went to it, rubbing his hand over it (to stop crying). (Bukhari).

4. The flowing of the water from among the fingers of Allah’s Apostle (Peace Be Upon Him). (Bukhari).

5. The Prophet’s meals used to glorify Allah while he ate and this glorification was heard by his Companions. (Bukhari).

6. Stones used to greet the Prophet (Peace Be Upon him) whenever he passed by through the lanes of Mecca.

7. The screening (shading) by the trees, for the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him).

8. The rising of water in the well at Hudaibia after it had dried. (Bukhari).

9. The increase in the amount of dates in the garden of Jabir Bin Abdulllah after the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) went round the heap of dates and invoked Allah for His blessings. (Bukhari).

There are many ahaadith and books that narrate about various miracles in Islam and these are some of those that were performed by Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him).

Allah knows best.


  1. Thank you for highlighting some of the miracles our prophet (saw) did amongst the muslims.it is importatnt to stress that in Islam,we accept miracles as they are but we do not base our faith in them neither do we idolise those who perform them.from the words of Jesus (RA) even false prophets can perform miracles.therefore,we must be careful with miracle performers especially nowadays.after all noone can be saved by miracles but imman that one has in Allah and whether one serves Him and worships Him.As for Muslim,the Qur,an is our living miracle.Allahumma ameen.

  2. You have said the truth that the greatest miracle of all is Quran.This is the source of all the knowledge within human capacity and beyond.It is a book of wisdom.It guides the material world and also spiritual world.Name them all.Allahu Akbar.

  3. Yeah,Yeah,Yeah! good collection except i am not comfortable with the use of the bible to prove a point because at one time it tells us what is the HAQQ and at other times BAATWIL. So with all honest and sincerity i would advise the writer of the article to concentrate on USING purely islamic references. All in all the article is awesome Its mwah! as we say in my country-Zambia. keep it up ya Akhi. Aaameen

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