Sunday, June 20, 2021

Islamic Concern Confiscates Video Equipment

Islamic Concern has confiscated recording equipment for young artists who were shooting a video for their album in Blantyre. Cassim Anaffi one of the...

‘The Year of Our Lord’ Film Wins Best International Feature Film Award

By Hussein Mussa The Year of Our Lord, a film produced by a Malawian company called Young Travellers Theatre has won an international award at India's Uruvatti International Film Festival.

Malawian Youth Bankrolls Project to Promote Muslim Artists

A South African based Malawian youth vows to promote Malawi Muslim artists through his project called CGK Music Pro. Malawi Muslim Website caught up with...

Ahmad Pilo in Fight Against COVID-19

A renowned nasheed artist in the country by the name Ahmad Pilo has earned trust of NGO body called "ADECOTS " to join other...

Malawi’s Nasheed Star Katawala Launches DVD Album

Barely four years after stepping onto the local nasheeds (Islamic songs) scene with a hit single called Mwana wamasiye (An orphan Child), Malawi's talented...

Muslims Shun Swaliheena Fundraising Show

Swaliheena Institute for Muslim Affair’s (SIMA) quest to reach the needy for in this holy month of Ramadan hit a snag when their fund...

Muslim Artist Zain Bhikha Finally in Malawi

Zain Bhikha has finally arrived in Malawi on his four-day concert tour, Classic Events, organisers of the concerts have announced. The nasheed pioneer landed in...

Malawian Muslim artists bemoan Piracy

One of the Malawi’s finest Muslim artists Muhammad Chilimba has expressed his delight after finally launching his DVD album titled Imfai ndi Ulaliki. Chilimba told...

Imran Kaisi to Release Album in Ramadan

South Africa based Malawian Nasheed Artist Imran Kaisi says his new album titled 'Salaam' will hit airwaves in the holy month of Ramadan. Kaisi revealed...

Qadhaf Ahmed Pilo Fetes Orphans

Nasheed artist Qadhaf Ahmed Pilo and Salim Kumpita hosted 26 orphans and needy kids from Machinjiri on eid day to share with them the...