Chakwera says building new Malawi demands sacrifice

President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera says building a new Malawi cannot happen without sacrifice and hard work, urging Malawians to focus on the future with love for the country and not enriching oneself.

President Dr. Chakwera said if the country’s vision will be achieved by 2030, the 2063 vision will take Malawi to somewhere, Malawi will be a good place to live with no wonder that Malawi was voted the number one country in the world in 2020.

He said the year 2020 has been of many problems but this has made the nation to succeed through working together as Malawians, appealing to Malawians to continue working together to make the year 2021 another year of success.

Delivering his New Year message to the Malawi nation, President Dr. Chakwera said the 185 days in government has given him courage that Malawi can do better in 2021 if people fulfill their vision and working hard to achieve their aspirations.

Dr. Chakwera said the year 2020 has seen many rubbles been cleared out with some individuals fired in public service saying this will continue in 2021 following laws and not against anyone saying government is losing billions of Kwachas to people whose services are better to themselves than that of Malawians.

On Corona virus pandemic, President Dr. Chakwera said he is praying that the virus not going far to destroy the country’s economy saying government and all other stakeholders including church organizations are working hard to prevent the virus from further spread in the country.

On Affordable Input Programme (AIP), President Dr. Chakwera said 75 percent of the beneficiaries have managed to buy 2 bags of fertilizers at K4,495 and government has tried its best to address the challenges rocking the programme being the first year of its implementation in the country.

“Over 2.7 million people have bought 5 million bags of fertilizers which is three times more than those that have been benefiting from the previous Farm Input Subsidy Programme (FISP), hoping that every beneficiary will buy fertilizer by the end of the programme,’’said Dr. Chakwera.

The president said considering that many Malawians are facing hunger, government has procured 100 tonnes of maize to make sure that all Malawians benefit so that they should not die of hunger.

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