Chicken and fish should be consumed twice a week

Seafood is rich in minerals such as protein, vitamins A, B and K, iodine, phosphorus and zinc while chicken is rich in phosphorus and iron

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12 December 2010, Sunday/YESIM CELIK

Chicken is rich in phosphorus and iron, while fish is rich in vitaminis A, B and K. iodine and zinc. There’s a reason why experts say avoid the three whites (slat, sugar and flour) but consum plenty of these two white meats.

Wgite meat generally refers to the light-colored meat of poultry and seafood. It includes the meat of animals such as chicken, ducks, geese, turkeys and rabbits. It is not as fatty as read meat and therefore has a lower energy content. Poultry generally contains high amounts of protein. Chicken is the most commonly consumed type of poultry. Chicken meat is easy to chew and digest because it has short fibers. It is the only source of meat that can be consumed abundantly because it is cheap. Chicken meat is also a good source of Group B vitamins, phosphorous and iron.


Most of the fat in chicken meat is in the skin. Therefore, if you eat chicken without the skin, you are consuming meat with only 1 to 3 percent fat. Chicken meat also has plenty of unsaturated fatty acids. It is for this reason that people who eat more red meat than white meat have a higher chance of developing heart disease. Since chicken skin contains more fat, cholesterol and unsaturated fatty acids that the meat, skinless chicken should be preferred. Chicken meat chould be boiled, baked or grilled. If the meat is young, it should be grilled and roasted. If the meat is old, it should be cooked in water. The normal storage temperature for poultry meat is around zero degrees. For freezing, it should be stored in minus 18 degrees Celsius and immediately after it is cut.


Seafood is rich in minerals such as protein, vitamins A, B and K, iodine, phosphorous and zinc. Most of the fatty acids in fish oil are omega-3 fatty acids, which help prevent heart disease and are good for the retina and brain. Fish should be cooked in a short time over low heat. Fatty fish should either be grilled or steamed. Fish that will be consumed in a few days should be stored in ice or in sub-zero temperatures. For long-term storage, fish can be stored for three to six months if it is cleaned immediately after being caught and stored at minus 18 degrees Celcius.

*Yeşim Çelik is a dietician working for Memorial Hospital’s nutrition and diet unit.


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