Chilima Asks Malawians to Desist Divisive Politics


Vice President of the Republic of Malawi who is also UTM party president Dr Saulosi Klaus Chilima, has called on Malawians supporting the cause for a better Malawi to desist from divisive politics .

Dr. Chilima says President Peter Mutharika and DPP have no intention of preaching non- tribalism in the country or national unity saying their agenda is tribal hegemony.

The UTM leader says Mutharika and DPP having failed in all the attempts to sabotage change and knowing that their is no way this election will be abandoned, they have now unleashed a new wave of violence and tribal rhetoric.

Chilima was briefing the media yesterday on tribalism and political violence in the country.

He says the aim behind all these unleashed terror is to divide Malawians and scaring those that dare challenge his evil plan of turning this country to an estate.

Dr. Chilima says the DPP/UDF alliance is an alliance rooted in hatred, in tribalism and it is an alliance dreamt by former president , Dr. Bakili Muluzi, who simply cannot let it go.

The UTM leader says violence and intimidation is a form of vote rigging and is used by unpopular politicians to succeed in their political agenda, urging all peace loving Malawians to condemn this in strongest terms possible that Malawi is one country regardless of tribe and region.

“Do not let the country degenerate into chaos, yesterday, they destroyed MEC equipments in Blantyre, tomorrow they will destroy your houses, yesterday, they hacked UTM monitors in Mulanje , tomorrow, they will hack anyone who does not speak their tongue, yesterday, they torched a UTM car in Balaka, tomorrow, they will torch any vehicle bearing a registration number of a district,” he says.

On voter registration exercise, Dr. Chilima urged Malawians to go and register so that they can vote and choose a bright future for generations to come to conquer nepotism, hate and to sow the seed of happiness beyond the next century, united we stand divided we fall.