Concerned Muslims Embarrasses MAM National Chairman


    MAM Vehicle

    Blantyre based Concerned Muslims have embarrassed Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad by impounding his vehicle which he has been using as National Chairman of the Muslim Association of Malawi.

    According to the grouping, this is a way of compelling him to respect the alleged suspension which is said to have inflicted on him by board of trustees.

    Earlier this year, the board succumbed to the concerned Muslims pressure to unconstitutionally suspend the chairman for failing to act on Muslim women who were dancing in political rallies.

    Chairperson of the controversial grouping Yusuf Sambo confirmed the development in an interview with Malawi Muslims official website.

    “This is one of the four vehicles that we would like to impound from the chairman. We want the vehicles to be used by those running the affairs of the organisation as it is clear that the sheikh Muhammad is on suspension,” he said.

    Surprisingly Sambo said the vehicles are registered in the name of the chairperson when they were supposed to be the properties of the association.

    But Malawi Muslim understands that the vehicle which has been impounded by the disgruntled group was given to the chairman as a personal property including other vehicles.


    Likely, the issue has a potential of tarnishing the image of Muslim Association of Malawi but Sambo said “this  issue is internal we are not tarnishing the image of MAM. We think it’s a possible way and best way of solving the problem.”

    But whether their approach to the matter is Islamic or not that remains a million dollar worthy question that Majilis Ulama is supposed to bang up their heads and come up with a concrete answer.


    1. What do u expect from the group of uneducated concerned muslims of blantyre ? Cassim anafi , yusufu sambo , kananji etc all these brothers have been in prison and are highly rated criminals who are always found at koran house in blantyre.
      Sh. Idrissa , take them to court and let them compesate u heavily so that atengelepo phunzilo

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