Confusion Over Eid Adhuha Day

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    Malawian Muslims: Waiting in vain on the date of Eid

    Confusion has erupted in the Malawi Muslim community again as National Ruyatul Hilaal and Majlis Ulama are failing to agree on Eid Adhuha day.

    This website understands thats Majlis Ulama Vice Chairman Sheikh AbdulRahman Kalako announced on Radio Islam that the date of Arafah will be on Monday which means Eid Adhuha will take place on Tuesday next week.

    However, the Muslim fraternity was surprised to hear the sheikh again on following morning withdrawing the statement saying the Eid will take place on Wednesday.

    The drama hasn’t stopped there as reports just reaching this website also indicate that National Ruyatul Hilaal is to announce that the Eid will be on Tuesday as stated by Majlis Ulama Vice chairman earlier on.

    This is not the first time for Malawi to face the confusion on the date of Eid Adhuha. In 2010, controversy erupted when these two organisations also differed on the day, which led Muslims to pray Eid on different days.

    However, last year there was no a repeat of such incident as Majlis Ulama bow down to the National Ruyatul Hilaal and Muslims observed the Eid prayers on the same day.

    Sheikh Dinala Chabulika who is spokesperson for both organisations could not be reached on his mobile phone for a comment.

    Nevertheless, Majlis Ulama Secretary General Sheikh Cassim Chongolo confirmed the development in an interview with Malawi Muslims Official Website and he said leaders are meeting on Saturday at Madinah Masjid in Limbe to “iron out these issues.”

    He said Muslims will be communicated the outcome of the meeting.

    He however, said personally he doesn’t see the reason why Muslims should pray on Wednesday when many other countries will be praying on Tuesday.

    “In 2010, we had the same scenario. Muslims prayed on different dates. Last year, it was also the same but as a matter of unity some sheikhs bow down to the Ruyatul Hilaal’s request though they were not convinced on the reasons why we should differ on dates. This year, Saudi will be observing the prayers on Tuesday and why not us? After all it is only 30 minutes different in time,” he said.


    1. Here we go again…….Saudi eid is tuesday since ‘Arafah is monday, why not ceasing the opportunity and increase the brotherhood on one single day

    2. Eid day will be on tuesday not wednesday as some think! Eid is always determined by Arafa so in saudi arabia arafa day will be on monday 14th october 2013 that means eid prayers will be on tuesday 15th october 2013!

    3. sinthawi yomawapinda anthu kumachita kuti chilungamo mukuchidziwa, auzeni anthu zoona zake za tsiku la ARAFAT, here in Saudi, Arafat is on 14th october, ndiye kuti EID tiswali pa 15 october. ngati kumalawiko kuli Haramaini ina……………………….. kwa masheikh amene muli ndi maudindo, dont be influenced with these ………………. coz iwowo DEEN sakuyidziwa nde watch-out..Allah akukuonani.

    4. The problem is the Muslim Association they follow what South Africa says.Am in South Africa but what i have seen is South African Muslim scholars are misleading the Muslims in Southern Africa.They make Eid the day they think is good for them not according to the moon.For example on Eidil-fitri this year the eid day was supposed to be thursday but they made it on Friday because friday was public holiday so they dint want to close their shops 2days.I personaly i asked some scholars and what they told me was this is South Africa we dont follow SAUD.So they think they are more educated than the SAUDIS they dont even speak about fasting on yawm Arafat.So brothers yawm arafat is only one day if Saud is monday and we say is tuesday then what is that?PLEASE DONT FOLLOW SOUTH AFRICA ON ISLAMIC ISSUES.EID IS TUESDAY.

    5. Ma sheikh athu akusokoneza anthu amene sakuzitsata zinthu. Choyamba, palibe hadeeth yiri yonse yomwe ikunena kuti tisamange kapena tisamasule anthu ena or dziko lina likawuwona mwezi. Mtumiki anatiuza timange kapena kumasula mwezi ukawoneka. Ena akawuwona titha kumanga kapena kumasula. These shiekhs I challenge them can not provide any hadeeth which says which only fast or breakfast if we see the moon ourselves and not others. Amakanga za situation ya Muawiyah ndi Ibn Abbas while in actual sense there were no means of communication that time so that people can easily know kuti kwina wawoneka. Its the misconcepteion that most learned sheikhs follow. we all follow one calendar be it Saud or South Africa. Why should we differ in calendar while in actual sense we are able to communicate. They back themselves with regional boundaries. Still they can not produce the hadeeth or ayaah for the same. Angosata amwenye coz ndi komwe akulandira ndalama. On Eid Adhuhah ndiye its shame to see them giving a ruling that we pray differrent from Saudi. Where is Arafah? Kapena Ku India kuli Arafah? Anthu amenewa asamatipusise iyayi. Ife we have TV’s we will be following Saudi and not anthu achinyengowa.

    6. Mr so called mufti,indian/arab muslims are educated than u, u jealous of indian muslims becuz there r much educated than u. While u only talk of politics, iam not being racist but its true. U also accuse indians as thieves. Shame on u!

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