Corrupt Islamic Organizations to Face Prosecution- Mia




    Sidik Mia, Malawi’s Transport Minister on Friday warned some Islamic organizations which he described as corrupt, that they will face prosecution.

    Mia, who is also a Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) trustee revealed that some Islamic organizations in Malawi use donor funds to enrich themselves instead of supporting Muslims in the country.  He said “Muslims in Malawi are suffering due to some corrupt people who divert donor money into their pockets.”

    Speaking at Old Airport in Mangochi during the opening ceremony of the 2010 Ijtmah organized by National Islamic Ijtmah committee, the minister said “am fed up and I can no longer tolerate that as a trustee of MAM.”

    “It is pathetic when we go around, we see mosques that are dilapidated and not befitting prayers to praise God, yet we have mansions in our cities. As Muslims we are not doing enough on giving,” said Mia according to The Nation Online.

    Mia said he approached some international institutions for help and only to find that they are already supporting Muslims in the country through other organizations.

    “The sad thing is that these organizations abuse donations. Even when we go and ask them for assistance in activities like this one, they don’t [help]. What are you doing with that money you receive on behalf of [Malawian] Muslims? I am fed up, and as a trustee, we will not sit down but deal with this problem,” said the minister.


    1. Truly brother Mia, take action, its high time we the poor Muslims benefit from what the donors send to us through these scrupulous Islamic organizations. They go out there claiming that they want money to help the African Muslim, but when the funds come, they divert them as u have rightfully said.

      The big bosses running these organizations also abuse us as women. When we go there to ask for help, they start proposing love to us taking advantage of our desperate situation. They behave as if the money we go to ask for is from their pockets.

      Please take them to task and ask them to account for every penny they have received. I love this website.

    2. I agree with this development.The islamic office bearers are somehow not honest on how to execute their jobs towards meeting objectives of their organisation.If all the islamic organisations in Malawi were working towards the good plight of muslim society,we could have lending facilities that have no interest readily provided,sound orphanage centres,a good number of educational institutions etc.It seems that cordination of programmes is not online instead all organisations are working indipendently with little focus.Please muslims let us work towards transforming the lives of muslim ummah inshaallah.

    3. I think that this should not be mere rhetoric as is the case with politicians. If indeed the Honourable Minister or any other Muslim have enough evidence, then let them bring it forth so that those accused should be prosecuted.

    4. This should be the beginning of good governance; accountability always should be our motto, we don't want our leaders to take these donations for granted, of course they have potion on this money but this should be within the boundaries of Islam as the Holy Qur'an states: Most surely, alms are for the poor, the needy, for those employed to administer it, for those whose hearts have newly embraced Islam, the ransoming of slaves, those in debt, in the cause of Allah, and for the wayfarer , an obligation from Allah, and Allah is All knowing, All-wise. (Surah 9, Ayah 60)

      Un fortunately these corrupt organizations choose to ignore such kind of verses just to save their personal desires, forgetting that those donations were intended for the needy. How do we feel feeding our families with unlawful bounties while claming at the same time that we are doing this seeking the countenance of Allah! We must be joking! Your Excellency, we need actions, we are fed up with words, and there are hundreds of similar cases but none has been brought to face the so-called legal actions. Please translate your words into deeds if you are really wants to secure the rights of the poor Muslims from this self-centeredness. May Allah guide us all, Aameen.

    5. Well done Honerable Brother Sadik Mia for letting the Cat out of the Bag, infact there is no need to ask him to mention those corrupt organisation just thank him for not exposing them in puplic.To those organisations who are doing it please we urge them to stop misusing money ment to help the needy people and if they dont stop we we shall request Honerable Sadik Mia to name them, and send ant corruption Bureau to their offices because the people who are doing are selfish muslims how can they afford to enrich themselves using money ment for the poor what kind of muslims are they? i thought as moslems we are supposed to be kind especially to those in need of financial help.Infact we dont even have to wait for donations we are supposed to share whatever little we have with the needy, we are not going to allow such organisations to continue using donation money for themselves you are being watched please stop it.

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