COVID-19 Conflicting Messages Irk Dowa DC

The lab images of COVID- 19
The lab images of COVID- 19

District Commissioner (DC) for Dowa district , Alex Mdooko has expressed worries with the media giving conflicting messages on coronavirus pandemic saying the efforts which are being made to prevent further its spread are effortless.

Mdooko says the media is not supposed to be in the forefront disseminating conflicting messages but, should be part of the influencing side encouraging people to observe the precautionary measures of combating the virus.

He says it is so disturbing to hear the media saying there is no Coronavirus in Malawi, the figures being registered are fake, while the same saying coronavirus is real and Malawi is registering cases.

Speaking during a Public Health Management Committee (PHEMC) meeting held at the Dowa Boma, Development Communication Trust’s ( DCT) Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Bettie Chumbu, assured the committee to engage MISA Malawi on the concerns by the DC so that the media give out one strong message as one, Coronavirus is real and is in Malawi to stay.

Chumbu says DCT is working with radio listening clubs and local leaders in the areas of Traditional Authorities Chakhaza and Msakambewa in Dowa district who are helping in the dissemination of Coronavirus pandemic.

She says it is the wish of DCT to see to it that the precautionary measures such as hand washing with soap and social distance are put into practice for behavior changing and sustainability purposes.

“People in the homes do not have hand washing facilities. There is need to make hand washing facilities available to them so that each and every family household adopt it for sustainability measures, “she says.

Chumbu says children who are in the homes need teller made messages on Covid-19 to prevent themselves from the pandemic.

She appeals to chiefs, traditional leaders and herbalists to be the key influencers of disseminating Coronavirus messages beside having negative perceptions that Coronavirus is not in Malawi.

As of 24th May, 2020, Malawi has registered one new case, 72 total confirmed cases, 42 active cases, 27 recovered out of 2,095 total number of tests conducted with 4 deaths.