Diplomats Applaud Islamic Information Bureau, Pledges for more Support



Palestinian Ambassador Abdullah Attar

*Lusaka:* Diplomats from Arab countries, Libya, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt have pledged their total support to the Islamic Information Bureau’s Lusaka office to ensure that it continues its good work of propagating Islam.

Palestinian Ambassador to Zambia His Excellency Abdullah Attar said this during the launch of much-awaited Islamic Information Bureau’s Lusaka office at InterContinental Hotel in the Capital Lusaka.

Attar said it is their wish as Islamic countries’ diplomats to see Islamic Information Bureau thriving.

“We are happy with the way Islamic Information Bureau is doing its work in as far as propagating of Islam is concerned. The opening of its office here is just one of the examples that these people are not sleeping but they are striding to sell Islam to the whole world. Therefore, we pledge that we will try as much as possible to make sure that this organisation is sustainable so that it should continue doing the commendable job,” said the Palestinian ambassador.

The Zambia’s Islamic Information Bureau office was opened ten months ago and it has been doing different programmes including Arabic lessons, which have attracted many Muslims and non-Muslims alike, but it was not officially launched.

Prior to the launch, Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Zambia His Excellency Hassan Abdul-Rasheed Attar who was also Guest of Honour, organised a dinner at his compound where he invited all guests from Malawi as well as other prominent Muslims from Zambia.

Speaking at the launch Sheikh Dinaar Chabulika the National Coordinator for the Islamic Bureau in Malawi and Zambia thanked government of Zambia for allowing their organisation to be registered. He said IIB did not take this for granted and pledged its total support to the newly elected President Michael Chilufya Sata by conducting different projects that will help to develop the country.

“I thank the new Zambian President His Excellency Michael Chilufya Sata for his willingness to work with Muslims in different projects. When I just arrived here last week, I was listening to his speech where he said he want to involve Muslims in the fight against corruption in this country. This is a welcome development and Islamic Information Bureau here in Zambia will try to give him any support he needs to ensure that he achieve his goals,” he said.

One of the people who spoke at the function is one of the trustees Sheikh Issah Pelete who said the time has now come to take Islam further and encouraging people to read. Sheikh Pelete said Allah the Almighty commanded every human being to seek knowledge and that is why the IIB Lusaka office has opened to make sure that anyone who wants to have any information about Islam, should easily get it without hassles.

“Let us utilise this chance. This is the first time in the history of Islam in Zambia to have such office. Please come to read, come to learn so that we should know the beauty of religion of Islam,” said Sheikh Pelete.

This is the first international office to be opened in the history of the Islamic Information Bureau organisation since its formation in 1999.

The IIB’s Lusaka office is located at Westgate Mall Room N0. 21 between Freedom way and Lumumba Road.

*Reporting by Marshall Dyton from Lusaka, Zambia*

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