Donate a brick monthly to build Quran House

    Current MAM Headquarters (Quran House)

    Islam is the second largest religion in Malawi after Christianity; nearly all of Malawi’s Muslims adhere to Sunni Islam. According to the CIA Factbook, 12.8% of the country’s population is Muslim.

    Recently, Muslim groups have engaged in missionary work in Malawi. Much of this is performed by the African Muslim Agency based in Angola. The Kuwait sponsored AMA has translated the Qur’an into Chichewa  (Cinyanja), one of the official languages of Malawi, and has engaged in other missionary work in the country. All of the major cities in the country have mosques, and there are several Islamic schools.

    Total Population: 13,000,000 (100%)
    Muslim Population: 1,664,000 (12.80%)


    If all Muslims in Malawi were to donate a brick, on a monthly basis, at a value of MK10.00

    Total Value 1,664,000 x 10  = MK16,640,000. After just a year, it would generate a whooping MK199,680,000!

    I am more than certain that, if that trend is sustained for say a period of three years, with such funds at our disposal, we will be able to build a first class Quran house with underground car parking, shops and a hall on ground floor, and a couple floors of office blocks for renting, without even stretching out a begging bowl.

    This would be the source of generating income to sponsor other Islamic activities.


    1. What brother has said is true, but this idea came in our mind long time ago and the very same people have been saying this, surprisingly no any implementation is taking place.

      If we say you people your good on talking but when it comes on action we are very poor. Anyway lets try pushing up this idea and see the way forward, however who will be collecting this hence i have k360 up to 2014 contribution.

      Congratulation to the one reviving the idea lets work together, are we still waiting muslim concern being led by Hon D. Lali to start for us. Brother Lali tachititsan manyazi anthuwa, congratulations brother on how you are maintainig the Quran House. May Allah reward you abundantly.

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