Donors Clear MAM Chairman of Any Wrong Doing

    MAM Chair: Cleared of any wrong doing
    MAM Chair: Cleared of any wrong doing

    Those who wanted to take the leadership mantle of Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) by coming up with many allegations against the current chairman should be ashamed of themselves and perhaps find another campaign strategy.

    As only few months remaining for the association to hold its elections, there have been reports that other people within the organisation, who are eyeing for the chairmanship position thought that the only way to get more votes from the members of the Muslim community is to damage the Chairman’s reputation by speculating that he is embezzling donors funds.

    On August 15, Malawi News also published a story which indicated that current MAM National Chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad is being involved in a 39 million kwacha scam which is under investigation at the Malawi fiscal police.

    Following the publication of the story, some Muslim youths on Monday went to close MAM’s offices at its headquarters in Blantyre demanding an explanation from the Chairman on the allegations.

    Meanwhile, the offices remain closed and are being guarded by the Malawi police services.

    Currently, most of the MAM’s projects are funded by a Kuwait based organisation called Revival Islamic Heritage Society through the African continent committee.

    In a statement released by the organisation signed by its chairman Sheikh Jassim Alainati, the society says that there is no misappropriation of funds the organisation sends to the Muslims’ mother body in the country.

    The statement says that all the projects that the organisation is handling in the country are well inspected.

    “I write to bring it to your attention that I have funded several projects in Malawi through the Chairman of Muslim Association of Malawi. The projects include; mosques, school blocks, wells , relief programmes etc. As I speak, some projects have been completed successfully. I have during the said time been coming to Malawi to inspect the various projects for which funding have been provided. My visits have left me satisfied with the implementation of the projects and I have no complaints,” reads part of the statement made available to Malawi Muslims Official Website.


    The statement further speculates that the stories that are being spread about money laundering are coming from somewhere with an intention well known to the owners.

     “I get the impression that there is someone who is cooking up the stories which are untrue for reasons which are clearly malicious, misleading and damaging the reputation of innocent people particularly the chairman of Muslim Association of Malawi,” concluded the statement.


    1. Achite manyazi anthuwo. Ngati akufuna zimenezo tiyeni tikakumane ku Mavote konko chaka cha mawachi.

    2. Reading the letter from the Heritage Society (above captured), it is clear that; the Chairman of Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) is -in this instance- vindicated.

      Now, it is time for those who’ve been perpetuating these allegations to either provide verifiable proof and/or sources (if any) or simply own up to their mistake and categorically apologise to the offended and Ummat in general.

      Going forward; it is extremely critical that; those confided with the trust to lead affairs of the Ummat, do so with humility, sober minds, integrity and most importantly deep fear of Allah.

      It must be highlighted that; an unverified-rumour (or be it baseless allegation), is not just malicious to a few individuals in question, but create huge damage to the Ummah’s standing and Deen as a whole. A dent of shame that may probably take years to repair.

      In essence, the Ummat (through MAM) appoints top Shuyuukhs (Islamic Scholars) -beyond reproach- to lead Muslim Association of Malawi, so that the guiding laws & principles of Islam are applied to the t, vis-à-vis the running and therefore conduct of the Association.

      Sadly, it is conduct of the very leaders “islamic scholars” which -more often than not- is found wanting on matters Islamic.

      I would want to believe; Sheikh Muhammad Nadwi of BIM is troubled in seeing his protégés embarrassingly at each other’s throats; dragging the mighty name of Islam in the mud!

      It is time we allowed Quraan & Sunnat to sincerely guide our every conduct & action, particularly on all matters concerning MAM and Deen in general.

      Indeed, May Allah heighten our wisdom, reason, patience. Aameen!

    3. Salaam Alaikum

      Innuendos can not assist Muslims in this country or anywhere else. The main problem noways is greed. I believe that as Muslims we have copied unIslamic tendencies which have created unquenchable thirst for power. It is not haraam to vie for leadership, definitely, not but using the state machinery in tarnishing one another’s image is uncalled for.
      Let us as Muslims sober up and work towards developing our ummah!!!

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