Dowa Council Ban Mobile Markets Amid COVID- 19 Pandemic


Following the resolution passed by the full council to ban all mobile markets, the District Response on COVID-19 committee in Dowa, has resolved to effect the ban starting Monday, 6th April, 2020 with Chankhungu and Chimwaza market.

Dowa District Council depends largely on revenue collections from its markets for service delivery and the ban in itself will speak volume to its support staff interns of salaries and wage bills.

Dowa follows other councils in Malawi imposing ban on markets to prevent further spread of Covid- 19 which has been confirmed in Malawi by President Peter Mutharika in his national address to the nation on Thursday evening that Malawi has registered three COVID-19 cases.

Speaking during a District Response on COVID-19 committee meeting held at the boma, District Health Officer (DHO) for Dowa, Dr. Peter Makoza, asked the members to sensitize the market users before imposing a ban starting Monday next Week for them to fully understand why the ban has been imposed.

Dr. Makoza said the ban on mobile markets is essential because people patronize the market days in their large number to buy and sell their merchandize and its very easy for one to be infected with the various through body contact.

“There’s too much congestion in the markets. The ban is mainly going to those who operate to and fro other areas with the owners free to do their business as normal ,” said Dr. Makoza.

He advised all the mobile market users to observe the ban with a warning that failure to comply, the long arm of the law will catch them.

In his remarks, District Commissioner for Dowa, Alex Mdooko, said three days sensitization is enough for the members to reach out to all in the district in readiness for the effectiveness of the ban from Monday, next Week.

Mdooko called on all market users to cooperate with their committees for smooth implementation of the ban expressing hope that all will adhere to the message of Covid- 19 which government has confirmed that it is in their midst.

Meanwhile, as part of emergency response to COVID-19 disease, the Dowa District Council has procured 100 tapped buckets and basins which will be distributed to all the Mobile markets in the district as precautionary measures for hand washing with soap.