Dowa Council Takes Coronavirus Message to Communities


The Dowa District Council has taken Coronavirus sensitization meetings to Area Developnent Committees (ADC) in all areas of seven Traditional Authorities in the district.

COVID-19 pandemic which started in China has spread in over 200 countries around the globe, 2 million people have been affected with over 165,000 deaths.

Malawi has confirmed a total of 37 cases as of 28th April, 2020, 28 active cases, 3 people have died and 9 people recovered, a development showing Coronavirus is real and has come to stay demanding preventable measures to combat it.

Speaking during a sensitization meeting for Senior Chief Kayembe ADC , Dowa District Council’s Environmental Development Officer, Yusuf Laki said Coronavirus is preventable by following precautionary measures such as washing hands with soap, avoid body contacts and hand shakings, among others.

Laki said Coronavirus is real and is here in Malawi saying the figures recorded are likely to be doubled with more and more people being tested positive.

He said even though the figures are rising and some other people are disputing this, members of the development committees are part of the sensitization group to ensuring that the message on Coronavirus reaches out to all in their respective areas.

“You are the ambassodors of taking Coronavirus messages to the community. Demonstrate to them that what is it to wash their hands with soap,” said Laki.

He said the council has closed all satellites markets popularly known as ” Kabwandile” during market days, banned sporting activities, ban funeral and church gatherings of over 50 people, among others aiming at further preventing the spread of the pandemic in the district.

Laki, assured the communities to work together in ensuring that each and every household family is putting into practice washing hands with soap in every 20 minutes.

He said the council has left other social basic needs to be open during this COVID-19 preventive measures such as maize mills, disaster preparedness, security, health and sanitation and all shops selling phamaceuticals.