Dowa DHO Takes COVID- 19 Message to Council


The Dowa District Health Office( DHO) on Wednesday took its initiative to conduct sensitization awareness campaign on Corona virus to the Dowa District Council at its extraordinary council meeting.

The members who attended the meeting undergone a hand washing exercise with soap so that the message reach out to all in the district.

Speaking during the extra ordinary council meeting held at the boma, Dowa District Health Officer( DHO), Dr. Peter Makoza, said Dowa has to prepare and unite as a district and not time to panic saying the district has the opportunity to take all possible measures and precautions to prevent the rapid spread of COVID- 19 across its population.

Dr. Makoza said for one to be confirmed to have Corona virus, he or she must have passed some stages such as Suspect, Probable and Confirmed, advising the members of the council that the primary symptoms of COVID- 19 are fever, dry cough and shortness of breath.

He said Dowa as a district has recorded no case of COVID- 19 beside fears of hosting refugees and asylum seekers at Dzaleka camp in the district saying precautionary measures have to be followed such as cleaning hands and avoid touching face, avoid close contact with others and stay home if one is not feeling well.

“Wash hands at a maximum of 1 minute with soap, lifebuoy, protex or any other soap. If you have chlorine, no need for soap. A van will be moving around with sensitization messages “, emphasized Dr. Makoza.

The DHO said the virus is spread through respiratory droplets and if someone has the symptoms, it is recommended that he or she must be put on quarantine for 14 days to avoid interaction with and transmission of the virus to others saying persons above the age of 65 and persons with pre- existing medical conditions are susceptible to COVID- 19 and are at risk of dying from the infection.

In his remarks, District Commissioner for Dowa, Alex Mdooko, said Corona virus was detected in December, 2019 that’s where the name COVID- 19 is derived from.

Mdooko urged all council members to sensitize people to always avoid body contacts and hand shaking as precautionary measures for rapid spread of Corona virus which is devastating countries around the globe.