Dr Salmin Omar Idrusi is Now MAM Secretary General




    Sheikh Dr Salmin Omar Idrusi: New MAM SG

    Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) new Executive Committee has appointed Dr Salmin Omar Idrus as new Secretary General for the Association.

    The former Special Advisor on Islamic Affairs to Malawi’s President Bingu wa Mutharika has replaced his close friend ex- MAM Secretary General Dr Imran Shareef Mahommed who was eyeing for the Association’s chairmanship in the just ended elections.

    According to a press release issued by the mother body, Ali Twanje has since taken over as Deputy Secretary General role from Amani Kunje.

    January Bwanali has been shifted to the position of  Acting Executive Director after his ally, Saiti Jambo was sent to a forced leave.

    “The new Executive Committee has indeed fully appointed its members and the names will be announced on a press conference which scheduled to take place before June 20, 2011,” reads part of the Press Release.

    However, MAM national Chairman Sheikh Idrisa Muhammad said Dr Idrusi has been appointed on merit basis.

    “Let me tell you that it was not easy to appoint Dr Idrusi. In fact we had many qualified Muslims who submitted their Curriculum Vitae for the post, but the selection was based on merit. That is why it took long time for the committee to come up with the new name of our Secretary General,” Sheikh Idrisa was quoted by Radio Islam online as saying.

    For a full biography of Dr Salmin Omar Idrusi, read our next article: Who Is Dr Salmin Omar Idrusi?



    1. Congrats Sh. Dr.Idrus,may Allah Taala guide him the straight path and do what he preaches Ameenah!!

    2. Congrats Sh. Dr.Idrus, may Allah Taala awapatse chirimbikitso pa

      chikhulupiriro ndi ntchito zabwino zawo pa ntchito za Din yanthu,


      Congrats Brother Twanje Allah akukumbutseni zija mukanachitira Dini

      yathu mukanakhala vice Treasurer General zija, maka za ku Uganda zija

      ndikusilira ziwafikire a Malawi, Ameen!

    3. mabrook alaika ya sheikhy. I pray that Allah make it easy for you and the Chairperson to uplift Islam and lives of Muslims in Malawi. Twanje, congrats AND BIG UP. Br. Bwanali, zabwino zonse. you are now at pivotal directing all projects, wish you well in your daily endeavours. One Ummah, One Goal.

    4. Congratulations Sheikh Dr. Salmin Idrus. I for one do not doubt your competences. I pledge my support for you and will help you in any way possible "fi qudrat Llah". May Allah guide you and make you carry the vision of the current MAM leadership.

    5. To brother Ali Twanje, congratulations my brother. What a combination so appetising. May Allah guide you and give you the wisdom to execute your duties without fear or favour. Ameen

    6. Congrats to all elected brothers in into these new positions.We hope you are to play avery good position in giving your best to all muslims in the country. Iknow some of you you just good and examplary in so many ways.May ALLAH soften your way towards achieving more than those just desired.Once again all the best.We are proud of you.Ameen

    7. May ALLAH guide you Dr.Omar in your job.You really deserve the task,you are quiet,and humble.Every position belongs to HIM THE MOST HIGH so fear HIM.Help the chairman to achieve the intended purpose of changing the face of MAM.

    8. Muslims in Malawi are in a very difficult situation and harder times are just around the corner given the global trends today.It it my prayer and belief therefore those that elected others into positions, did so for sake of Allah, Islam and the Ummah,and that those that have been elected have accepted only for the same sake and not treating MAM as your canteen,It is against that background that I CONGRATULATE ALL OF YOU UPON YOUR NEW RESPONSIBILITIES and pray that you be guided if you yourself also seek that guidance.MUSLIMS IN THAT COUNTRY NEED YOU MORE TODAY THAN EVER BEFORE.

    9. I'am writting on behalf of Malawian Muslim students in Malaysia, to Congratulate the new Executive committee of MAM.

      we have been singing a song of change for decades,and our expectation was always to see the youth taking lead and it has happen a ccording to our wish.Muslims have set a marvelous example to all Malawians, that now it's time for youth to carry on. Our advice is therefore,please you the elected and trusted ones, give the best you can knowing that your failure will give a bad impact to all youth of that beautifull country. its your time to show our respected elders that "yes we are real leaders of to day and not tomorrow" as they claim

      Good luck may Allah guid you for the beat of Muslim Ummah and whole nation

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