Dr Shareef Still Holds MAM’s Secretariat Files, Claims He is Still Secretary General

    Dr Salmin Omar: Going through tough times as MAM SG

    Files and documents for the Secretariat office of Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) are still with former Secretary General for the association Sheikh Dr Imran Shareef, Malawi Muslims Website has learnt.

    According to the information gathered by this website, Dr Shareef has not yet surrendered the files despite that he is no longer part of the association.

    In fact, Dr Shareef lost his position in MAM after he failed to make it during last year’s polls where he was defeated by Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad on the chairmanship position.

    Both Sheikh Dr Shareef and MAM new Secretary General Dr Salmin Omar have confirmed about the development when contacted by Malawi Muslims Official Website.

    Dr Shareef said the files would have already been handed over but the new Secretary General refused to meet him in order to make the handovers.

    “After elections, I phoned Dr Salmin. I said I wanted to meet the Top 9 of MAM so that I should hand over whatever I had on my desk. Ironically, he refused. Instead, he asked me to put it in writing so that he may show the letter to the new Chairman and that it should be up to the chairman whether to approve it or not – which I saw as nonsense and I told them plainly that if they don’t want, they should not come.

    “As I am saying now the files and documents are still with me. And I wonder how they are operating,” Dr Shareef said.

    The now Supreme of Ulama Council Chairman in Malawi therefore claimed that by virture that all files are still with him, he is still holding the secretary general role for the association.

    “I am yet to receive the letter informing me that I have ceased my position as secretary General. What I have now is the letter of appointment, which confirms that I am still a Secretary General of MAM,” he claimed.

    Dr Salmin confirmed to have been contacted by Dr Shareef but quashed the claims, saying his predecessor has never told MAM anything about the handovers.

    “It is true he phoned me that he wanted to meet the Top 9 but he did not say anything about handovers. When I asked him about the agenda of the meeting he refused to tell me, he just said that we should go and meet him in Zomba. Therefore, I consulted my colleagues who said I should ask him to put it in writing, as it was difficult to go and attend a meeting which has no agenda.

    “However, when I told him about my friend’s response, he refused, he said he cannot write a letter to seek an audience with us and that if we don’t want to meet him then we should just leave it, which we did. And if it was about handovers, I thought the ideal place could have been at MAM offices? Why at his house?” he wondered.


    1. Ummat Muhammad is in trouble.last time it was the Mangochi women forming their owm Muslim women Organisation.i think it is time we succumbed to Sharia when dealing with issues.as for me personally, a leader must be respected whether we agree with him or not, even more so a muslim leader.i mean, we can criticise injustice so's to be on the shade /shelter of Allah(SW) on yaum alkiyama.but we have to follow the leader.lack of adherence to sharia makes a big organisation like MAM to be in a person's hand.we all may not have agreed to some news about our leadership.however non of us has taken it personal.if i were to resign from an institution, i would either go to the institution in person or i would post my resignation by mail than expect the institution to come to me.he who has a grain's weight of "kuzikweza" will not enter Jannah, says the last prophen(SAW).
      so Brothers let's work for the betterness of the Malawian Muslims. 

    2. If the contents of this article are true then am afraid we have wrong educated people. People who do not want to put in practise what they know. Educated people who can not inspire the young Muslim generations. This is sad indeed. Dr Shareef and Dr Salumeen as we used to call him in the early 90s while they were still at school, really used to be my role models. But now, with their type of leadership, I dont think they can be role model to the Muslim youth.
      As Muslims, let us not be like camels. They can carry alot of knowledgable books and yet, they dont know the contents of those books. Am saying this because where the process of learning has taken place, there should be a change in behaviour. In Islam, this change should be positive,constructive and one that will inspire and change others for good. But surely with these wrangles, who would be inspired with their learned leadership?
      For the sake of Islam, Drs please put Allah, Islam and Muslims ahead of your personal ambitions. Is never too late to change things for the betterment of this beautiful deen-ISLAM.
      MAY ALLAH GIVE US TAQWA. Allahuma ameen

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