#EditorialComment: MAM is Not Political, Its Members Can Be


It is very sad to see some Muslims are still busy castigating Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) in order to achieve their own ulterior motives. For sometime now, they have been blackmailing the association with sorts of false allegations but never yielded anything.

For example, they once accused MAM Chairman Sheikh Idrissa of Muhammad of syphoning projects funds into his personal account, the thing which was later cleared by donors as “fake”, forcing one of the masterminds apologizing to the chairman.

Few days ago, we have seen other people again spreading false allegations saying MAM was funding the DPP regime. Reason? To dent its image so that it shouldn’t work together with Tonse Alliance government. Where can MAM get money to finance a political party when it’s failing to finance its own projects?

What people forget is that Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) is not a political organization and will never be. Its only mandate is to represent Muslims and help this country through various projects.

MAM is not affiliated to any political party and it is an absurd to hear that some quarters in the society are linking the organization to the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

The religious organisation never supported any political party in the country nor financing the same.

Prior to 23rd June, 2020 fresh presidential polls, several religious organisations were giving their suggestions on whom to lead the country and MAM never did that except few Muslims who were exercising their own democratic rights to endorse whoever they wanted. MAM never released a statement endorsing any party. It is therefore wrong to paint an image as if MAM was anti-Tonse alliance.

The association works with the Government of the day and Malawians should be reminded that Government is made up of political parties. Political parties in Government change but MAM never changes its ways when dealing with Government.

Muslims in the country should also be reminded that MAM works for them and any bad omen that may befall it may affect the Malawi Muslim community at large.

The instinct of wanting Tonse Government to punish MAM in one way or the other is uncalled for since it is the will of the religious organisation to work diligently with the Government with the aim of uplifting the lives of Muslims and Malawi as a country.

We know you need those positions at MAM but wait for your time. Stop creating and spreading fake news about the Muslims’ mother body. Use your energy to uplift Islam in the country, not to weaken it. Remember, we will all be answerable to Allah on the day of judgement.