Eid-ul Adha Controversy: Let Not Technology Divide Us – Majlis Ulama

    Sheikh Silika: Let not technology divide us
    Sheikh Silika: Let not technology divide us

    A grouping of Muslim Theologians called Majlis Ulama Council of Malawi has faulted the blossoming of new technologies such as internet as the main reason to the misunderstanding over the 2013 Eid-ul Adha.

    Speaking in Radio Islam’s za ku Islamic Information Bureau program monitored by this website on Sunday one of the senior officials for the Council Sheikh Muhammad Silika said that those Muslims who have stood to their gun to perform Eid-ul Adhuha Salaat on Tuesday is because of the information they are getting on the internet and other sources in regard to what is happening in Saudi Arabia.

    ‘In the past when  these technology advancement were not there , we Muslims especially here in Malawi were following one thing  from what our sheikhs were telling us in regard to the sighting  of the moon. But now Muslims are being misled by this development.’’ Sh Silika explained.

    The controversy has erupted following reports from some quarters indicating that Muslims will perform Eid Salaat on Tuesday in contrast to the statement from National Ruyatul Hilaal Committee which said the sacrifice festivl will be performed on Wednesday.

    Muslims who insist to perform Eid on Tuesday say that it does not make sense to pray on other day since Pilgrims will be on Mount Arafat on Monday saying it is required to perform Salaat the following day.

    But Sheikh Silika who is a member of the Iftah (fatwa) committee of Majlis Ulama Council of Malawi stressed that Muslims here in Malawi should pray Eid on Wednesday in accordance to the sighting of the moon. Signalling the first day of Dhul-Hijjah which is the last month of the Islamic lunar calendar.

    The renowned sheikh elaborated that Muslims in Malawi chose to use information of the moon from the Southern African countries and not depending directly to Saudi Arabia.

    Speaking in the same programme sheikh Muhammad Uthman took a swipe on  some Muslim expatriates in the country suggesting that they are behind the misunderstanding that has erupted  on  Eid  Salaat..

    Sheikh Uthman who delivered a message from the Grand Mufti Abbas Qassim asked the expatriates not to bring divisions in the Muslim community.

    ‘We appreciate the role that you are playing .But don’t bring divisions amongst us by being partisan. Let me also tell our fellow Muslims that some of these come from countries that follow what actually happens in Saudi Arabia a thing which can not happen (ovrrnight) in this country no matter how much they would want that to be applied here. Let us discuss on how we can map the way forward,’’ he said.


    1. Muslims, we are living in the same universe called Earth.Lets come together, brainstorm and follow one thing.Advancement of technology shall never be taken by granted in anyway. We Muslims have to utilise it while adhering to Sharia. Otherwise we will be mockery creatures by Kuffars on this earth. Our big Sheikhs, swallow your pride!This religion was born in Saudi Arabia.Hajj is performed in Saudi Arabia, not in Kolkata, Mumbai, islamabad,istanbul,Tehran or wherever.Lets follow what our holy pilgrims are doing in Saudi. If they are standing on Arafat on Monday, let us fast on this date.
      We have goofed alot now we need to hold one rope.PERIOD!

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