8 Malawian Muslim Students Stuck in Libya


    At least eight Malawian Muslim students are reported to be helpless at the Islamic Call University in Tripoli, Libya.

    The students, who went under sponsorship of World Islamic Call Society, are left high and dry after demonstrations sparked in Libya with the citizens demanding Kenel Muammar Ghadafi to step down after serving the country for 40 years.

    According to Muslim Association of Malawi, (MAM) Executive Director, Brother Saiti Jambo arrangements are being made but he expressed ignorance of when the students will evacuated.

    “We communicated with Embassy in Egypt last week and they promised to organize transport for the eight, but they did not specify when they will make arrangements. As of now, we have not heard anything. May be if you ask them when they will do it,” brother Jambo told The Nation Online.

    Most countries have evacuated their citizens to neighboring Countries of Egypt, Greece and Tunisia but surprisingly, Malawi’s Principal secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Patrick Kabambe told The Nation that he don’t know that there are Malawians in Libya.

    “I don’t know about that. We haven’t heard anything on that and I am getting it from you now,” he said.

    This is a worrisome development as Malawian Muslims are melted with fear but Kabambe promised to follow up the matter and give assistance to bring the students back home.



    1. Zimenezi mwazitenga kuti…ngati mulibe contact ya anthu funsani tikupatsen…They are still attending classes…so I wonder where hv you got this infor..

    2. Which is which? The post(story) or brother Bwanji's comment??

      I think its good for Muslims to learn about this story because it concerns fellow brothers in diaspora and Lybia to be specific. This story was also carried in our main dailies. Can the brother (Bwanji) elaborate when he questions the authenticity of this story. We hear also in this article that MAM Executive Director communicated with the Egyptian Embassy on possible repartriation of the brothers. Are you talking about the same school brother (Bwanji)? And, do you have to wait until people ask for the contacts before you make them available here???

      We hope abd pray that MAM and the Ministry conserned do their follow-up quickly, so that our brothers are repartriated back home at the soonest time possible.

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