Engage in Charity, Malawian Muslims Told

    Chambers: Let’s give back to the community

    A UK based organisation has urged Malawian Muslims to be engaged in charity as one way of fighting poverty in the southern African state.

    The remarks were made by the co founder of Islamic Education and Research Academy (IERA) Yusuf chambers during a press briefing held in Blantyre on Friday.

    ‘’We Muslims have a key role to play in terms of making the country a better place to be. Let us share the wealth we have with those less privileged so that we eradicate poverty,’’ said Chambers, a former catholic who is also the trustee of the organisation.

    Islam is the only religion that stipulates the importance of alms giving as one of its pillar is zakaah (alms).

    Malawi is the third poorest country in Africa and Chamber believes that if rich local Muslims take zakaah seriously, the challenge of poverty could be wiped out.

    Though Malawi is poor,but is is believed that it ha numerous rich Muslims who most of them do not fulfil the fifth pillar of Islam.
    He then said his organisation in collaboration with other local organisation will initiate numerous projects such as Irrigation farming for the benefit of Muslims and the rest of the population.

    Meanwhile the IERA has engaged Muslims involved in propagation of the religion on the best method of propagating the religion.
    Chambers has also blamed international media houses for painting ill pictures on the religion of Islam.

    ‘Media today doesn’t help people to understand Islam, the religion of peace, this why we believe engaging these people will assist in giving the non Muslims the true picture of Islam that is not distorted. Islam is a religion of peace hence it has nothing to do with terrorism.’’

    Chambers added it is the responsibility of all Muslims to propagate the religion and this can be done through the daily endeavours.
    Meanwhile the Islamic Information Bureau has commended IERA for their visit and said Malawian Muslims are expected to learn a lot from them.

    By Ali Blessings Idi