“Enough is Enough”


The Chairman of Islamic Commission for Justice and Freedom (ICJF) Shaibu Ajassie says Muslims in the country can no longer watch when their rights are violated.

Ajassie made the remarks in reaction to removal of a billboard advertising the Holy Qur’an in Blantyre last night.

According to Ajassie, it is wrong for Christians to remove a billboard which had no any offensive language.

“Enough is enough . Muslims in the country can’t just sit down and watch such things happening. Malawi Muslims should rise up and speak their voices,”

“Recently, we were arguing on wearing hijaab in schools and now we are talking of a billboard. There are some Christians who do not want to see Islam but the religion is going nowhere,” Ajassie says.

Ajassie has called upon all Muslim organisations in the country to unite to defend the religion of God.

Meanwhile, a prominent Christian “Onjezani Kenani” says it was not wrong for Islamic Information Bureau (IIB) to erect a billboard advertising Holy Qur’an in the city.

Evangelical Association of Malawi was arguing that the words on the billboard would incite violence

But writing on his Facebook page, Kenani says a billboard was harmless.

“To me this billboard was entirely harmless. I have read the Holy Quran, have memorized the surah al-fatihah, surah al-ikhlas and others. I found no harm at all reading the book,”

“In any case, this billboard was just an advert. No one was being forced to actually read the Quran. Going as far as forcing the billboard’s removal is an overreaction, and smacks of religious intolerance,” Kenani says.

He says Muslims also read and study the Bible but that never made them Christians.

“I have many Muslim friends who studied Bible Knowledge with us, back in secondary school days. This did not convert them to Christianity, just in the same way as my reading the Holy Quran and memorising some surahs did not convert me to Islam,” he says.

Muslims in the country say it is wrong for the billboard for be removed in the city because Malawi is not a Christian country.


  1. What is the offense in propagating one’s holy book as; “the last testament” ?

    Malawi is a secular society, with various religious and faith-based groupings, exercising and enjoying their constitutional rights.

    Ideally, the “aggrieved” should have sought clarity or redress, through proper legal channels rather, than simply issuing threats that seemingly led to the hastened uprooting of the billboard.

  2. It is noted with sadness that the wrong doing of a few individuals who decided to speak on behalf of Muslims could get the whole Noble peace loving Malawian Muslims under this predicament. Its always the case, If MAM executive did not sell their souls to DPP and in a process without consultation sold our souls too we could not have been singing this sad nasheed. On behalf of the movement for change trading under MAM EXECUTIVE MUST FALL, I implore all Malawian Muslims to stand up and denounce MAM Leadership and the entire executive. Further more they might need to be investigated for all the wealth they have accumulated while being assigned to run the affairs of an NGO. Am sure they wanted DPP to stay for ever and shield them for their 9thuggery ways and them abusing Muslim funds.
    While on this topic, there is so much to be desired from the His Excellency the Head of State and his Deputy, in this point in time we thought the laws of this country will prevail, to the contrary some Religious Organisation gives an ultimatum to the government on the Muslim Bill board, a few days later like thugs with the help of law enforcing officers they destroy the Bill board. We as Muslims will never mourn the destruction of the Bill board, Allah revealed the final Testament and without doubt Allah will preserve it. What becomes a mystery is whether history is repeating itself whereby individuals decide to do as the please and using the executives powers to enact their heinous activities upon other citizens in a country where freedom of worship has been advocated. His Excellency sir, please find the culprits that are hell burnt to destabilise the country and undermine your effort in building a better Malawi for all. As for MAM executive it is time you take responsibility for all this mess and the misconception you have given the country that Muslims are DPP. You people need to resign now if we have to start a better chapter for Muslims and Islam. And we hope and make Duah that this Government will investigate your attachment and miserable attachment to the past regime.

    Please Mr President do not allow the millions of peace loving Malawians to pay for the since of a few individual masquerading as custodians on Islam and Muslims in Malawi. We promise to do our part to remove all the rascals from the mother -body of Islamic Faith, and we humbly request that you investigate those known individuals thoroughly.

    Sincerely Concerned.

    Sheikh Shuaib Ali Maida

  3. Asalam Allaikum wallahamatullah Waballakatuh. It is wrong what is happening though am not to judge, what has been done. It’s a sinic act. People should learn to accept the truth. Just to say, if you are driving and if you find someone telling you that the road you are using is closed, don’t get angry and destroy the signs for others. If you don’t believe go on and see the end yourself. Don’t feel bossy because you are driving and the person warning you is useless because is walking. Different governments have been there but respect the Creator. Because they knew that whatever in which religion you are in and you are a true believer the Creator is one. It will be upon Him to get all his Sheeps, those which didn’t follow the headmans and those which did. Are they feeling the losing end after missing leading Allah Taallah’s creation? They should reverse their minds. Salam.

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