Exclusive Interview With Comedian Abdurahman Chitemwe

    Abdulrahman Chitemwe

    Some people were born with talent while others seek for it. As I was for window shopping in Limbe on Saturday, I was blessed to meet Malawian Muslim comedian, Abdurahman Chitemwe who has contributed a lot to the growth of Muslim Community in Malawi by desseminating important message with his plays and films. I asked him if he would spend a few minutes with me and fortunately I was able to chat with him. Below is the brief interview which lasted for less than five minutes.

    Marshall: Chitemwe, it is a pleasure for allowing Malawi Muslim Official Website to chat with you.

    Thank you very much.

    Marshall: first of all, who is Abdulrahman Enoch Chitemwe?

    Ok. Abdulrahman Enoch Chitemwe is a boy who is currently living with his parents and schooling at ICB Business College in Blantyre. I am an actor and a comedian who realized his talent when Radio Islam was established in Malawi. I am one of the people who founded Tamvani play at Radio Islam.

    Marshall: When did you start acting and how long have you been a professional comedian?

    I started back in 1995 when I was at primary and secondary school level. By that time, I was writing stories, doing drama and drawing cartoons that my fellow pupils were calling me Mr. Cartoon because I was a celebrity in class. In 2001 it is when I formed my group called Cartoon Drama Group before joining arts department in Swalihina Muslim youth group in 2003 where I was performing drama in get together and other Islamic activities. In 2009, I also trained PHYLOCARTOON DRAMA at French Cultural Centre in the art group called Black Birds Theatre directed by Sir Gershom Munthali

    Marshall: What influenced you to get into comedy and what encourages you to watch certain movies?

    I can say that it is a talent. I like drama so as other people like football.  I like watching action movies in order to get new ideas and improve my career. I always want to learn what other actors and comedians do outside there.

    Marshall: So if I can I ask you to do what you know best, would you be able to do it?

    Yes, I can. But as you have seen in my DVDs I like to take part of an old man, so I will take that part if it is possible.

    Marshall:Go ahead! no problem.

    Marshall: What would you be doing if you weren’t a comedian?

    I wanted to be a doctor but as you know life changes. I was not able to do well in science subjects. So I just grabbed what was near to me and I thought that this is only what would be easy for me. Right now, I am doing Human Resource Management at ICB Business College but I am still on certificate level as I go there rarely due to financial problems.

    Marshall: what other things do you do apart from comedy?

    k. I do martial arts and acrobatic. I do also spend at least 3 hours on thinking and writing Jokes in Yao language.

    Marshall: So, what professional ambitions do you have and projects you might have lined-up for the future?

    Well. If the chance would be there, I would like to be a professional in this field as I am currently doing it without any qualifications. I need to open up own production centre called Chitemwe Multimedia Centre which will be operating in Islamic perspective. I want to make people who love me to easily find my stuff like DVD, CDs e.t.c. But this will happen only if someone will come and assist me, because as of now I am struggling with financial problems.

    Abdurahman Chitemwe

    Marshall: Are you touring now? Tell us where we can see you perform next.

    Tomorrow (Sunday) I will be at Phalula, Balaka with National Zakaat Fund organization where they are going for their ‘Pay Zakaat’ campaign. And I should take this opportunity to ask all people who have Islamic activities to invite me so that I can spice up their event.

    Marshall: Tell us about your family. Where do you live (in general)?

    I am single and currently living with my parents in Bangwe township

    Marshall: What are reactions of your parents more especially when they see you doing this kind of stuff?

    My parents do not understand because I am really a quite man at home and when they listen and watch my plays, they just laugh.

    Marshall: If someone invites you today for a dinner, what kind of food would you like to take?

    I like Nsima with Beans so much.

    Marshall: Anything you’d like to add?

    Yes. I would like to ask my fellow Malawian Muslims that let us promote each other and say no to jealousy because this is what pulls us down. I remember one time when I produced a certain DVD, instead of people buying the original, they were just burning which is very painful. Other people are getting rich from our sweat living us in turmoil. And I should take this opportunity to thank Radio Islam for making me to be where I am because without them nobody would have appreciated my talent. They showed love by featuring and playing some of my plays on their Radio station.


    1. Thanks for this interview. Mr. Chitemwe is playing an important role to the Islamic community, only that our Malawi does not recognize people like these, until they hear that they are taken by foreigners. To all well-wishers; look, this man is in a financial crisis, failing even to pay for his courses…instead of pushing him forward, we are pulling him backwards.

    2. Brother Abdurrahman has the innate ability indeed. I had a chance to witness his amazing skills when i was in BT sometimes back, it was hilarious. May Allah increase him with new talent adding on what he already has.

    3. This man is really a talented and blessed with more that single talent, though I have not seen him on live performance, but when I listened to his audios and on Radio Islam I said to myself the man can perform. Most of the times I enjoy listening to Radio Islam when this man is doing his job yes you can temporarily forget your miserable life for a while when Chitemwe is in the field of play. Sometimes I forget that am outside Malawi when I tune to Radio Islam and listening to this man, am really proud of this celebrity. Brother keep on entertaining us, and I wish you all the best.

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