#Exclusive:Focus and prayer led MUST Muslim girl to success


A first Muslim girl to graduate with Distinction in Bachelor of Science in Earth Science (Geology) from Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST), Eneles Rasheeda Nsamila says her degree status has increased her opportunities in life.

Speaking in an Exclusive Interview with Malawi Muslim Website, Nsamila who is from Mwanza says her achievement should be a lesson to other girls to aim high in life.

“My Distinction Degree has increased my opportunities in life.I wanted to be the best and I have managed it,” she told Malawi Muslim Website.

Nsamila says anything in life is achievable.

“The secret was focus.I kept the focus on my studies. We can all manage our time properly. We can all be determined but if we don’t stay focused to what we want, we can’t achieve anything,”

“It is doable. Have a goal, make a plan, stay focused , be humble and this can lead to success. Above all, pray to God because prayer is linked to success,” she says.

Nsamila told Malawi Muslim Website that during her studies she was finding school fees easily but it was hard to have basic needs.

“It was easier to get my school fees but it was very hard to have money to buy basic needs and this could sometimes affect my studies. Camfed was the one paying for my school fees from year one to year 4,”

“I overcame the financial challenge by doing a small business. I was selling new dresses and use the profits to buy basic needs,” she told Malawi Muslim Website.

Nsamila is one of pioneering MUST students who were enrolled in September, 2014.