Fatima Rajab Responds to Sceptics About Her Story



    Yaseen and her mother, Fatima
    Her love is symbolised in this calendar

    Some weeks ago, Malawi Muslims Official website published a feature of Fatima Rajab with the headline: FATIMA RAJAB, ABANDONED FOR REFUSING TO DENOUNCE ISLAM. The post has so far attracted about 18 coments with a few others expressing scepticism about her story, saying that she is an imposter.

    MalawiMuslims.com sought her response and the following audio clip has it all.



    1. We have heard the oath for ourselves what else? Those who want to assist is for their own good in the sight of Allah and those who don't,its bad to talk much than to stay pause for Allah is watchful and full aware of all our actions. May Allah make our livelihood easy inshaallah together with that of Fatima.

    2. I agree with brother Tung'ande, let us learn to talk less and contemplate more. I dont think someone in the name of Islam can wake up and claim baseless issues. let us mind our tongues. May Allah increase us in iman. Allahuma ameen.

    3. The story really tells something. i find it very hard to accept that someone is better placed to know and explain about my life than myself. Whoever is lying in this story MUST immediately repent to the Almighty ALLAH. Whether the girl is lying or not, the fact still remains that she needs help to raise the kid and maintain herself.

      As for bro Bashir, i commend you for your effort in bringing up this issue. You have done a noble task of bringing out an important issue which will serve as a big lesson for all of us. Inuyo brother mwangotenga nkhani ndi kuipereka as it is. Keep up the good work.

      we must be aware that everything that we have in our possession is just a trust. Anytime, it may be taken away from us. May ALLAH guide us into what is right and make our intentions good all the time.

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