Former defense and Tourism Ministers denied to leave the country


    New developments on Egypt’s unrest, the attorney general has issued an order of stopping former defense minister (pictured), former tourism minister, businessman and former general policy organizing in the ruling party (NDP) from leaving the country until all inquiries are over and freeze their bank accounts, the mentioned personnel tried to go out of the country what described by others as running away from persecutions.

    As protests continues in different cities of Egypt, Cairo had a big portion in these protests, where two groups clashed for the second time leaving scores with injuries, vice president Mr.Omar Suleman described the incident as a very sorry and that it was a conspiracy having foreign agendas’ fingerprints aiming to divide the ummah, he vowed to punish those behind this.

    On his part the prime minister Mr.Ahmed also described the incident as “very embarrassing and unwanted and that this is unusual to Egyptian society”, describing yesterday’s clashes the minister “how that happened and who allowed the pro Mubarak supporters to go to where ant Muubarak protesters were gathering” the minister wondered amid promise to bring those responsible for this to justice.

    On other hand Ministry of health confirmed the letter denied incident that there were casualties from live bullets only to accept that two were indeed shot in head and lost their life before they reached the hospital, the protests left 1028 with injuries. Meanwhile the protesters have called Friday’s demonstrations as the Friday of departure (for Mr.Mubarak)

    On his speech on a television channel, Hosni Mubarak, 82, declared that he, after 62 of being in public service, would like to rest but will not resign today because if he does so, there will be great chaos in his country. He affirmed that he would not contest again in the forth coming Presidential Election.

    New Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman rejects demands for President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation, saying it would be “a call to chaos.” Such a resignation “is a very strange philosophy to the ideology of the people,” he says. “We all respect the leader, Hosni Mubarak, and what he has offered the country over the past 30 years and the service he has rendered.” “To step down would be a call to chaos,” he says. Suleiman calls upon protesters to end their week-long demonstrations. “Go back home,” he says. “Leave the official to take action to your demands in order to save time.” Suleiman was appointed vice president last week by Mubarak in his first response to the eruption of demonstrations demanding the president’s ouster. He says he has met with members of the outlawed opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as members of the youth movement that began last week’s protests.


    1. This is uncalled for,the Muslim UMMAH is suffering just because of some greedy politicians.By the is it true that Mr. Mubarak is from Yemen?hw come he is ruling Egypt?Will this friday prayers be Observed in Cairo with those chaos.I cry for the Muslims.

      • Its really very sorry to see our Muslim leaders showing no mercy to their own people, what president Mubarak is doing by clinging on the post is uncalled for, he has ruled Egypt for 30 years, but still not ready to step down. I think it is not true that Mr.Mubarak is from Yemen, or I should say that these claims are baseless. As it has been called by the ant Mubarak protesters that today's Friday is a Friday of departure for Mr.Mubarak, people are filled with fear, they don't know what this Friday has brought. Last Friday was a Friday of blood, many lost their lives leavig scores with injurries. May Allah protect the Ummah, and give more wisdom to our leaders. Aameen.

    2. I always wonder why Egyptian authorities should allow themselves to be ruled by remote control. US and Israel practically telling Mubarak and his army's Joint Chief of Staff what to do, and those countries are not even ashamed to boast on TV what they are telling Egyptian rulers to do!

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