Former minister of transport and public works commends MAM


    As the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) is still trying to find the solutions for the looming hunger that has affected the country, former minister of transport and public works Sidik Mia has commended the current MAM leadership for continuing support to the families which have been affected in the country.

    Mia was speaking this during the food relief item distribution at Lalanje primary school in the area of traditional authority Ngowe in Chikwawa district.


    Mia: Sheikh Muhammad Idrissah should continue leading Muslims in the country

    “Muslim Association of Malawi is trying harder and I have never seen an active faith based organization like this which is bringing assorted developmental activities regardless of religious affiliations,” said the former minister.

    He also commended MAM for making partnership with the foreign countries saying this will promote the relationship between the countries.

    “It is good to work together with the foreign development partners and MAM should continue to support this district and the nation with any developmental activities,” said Mia.


    Aleinati: I am not promising anything but just know that you are not alone

    Responding to all the requests which were made during the event with some traditional leaders including the member of parliament for Chikwawa South Hon. Iliasi Karim, the Chairman Kuwait based charitable organization Revival of Islamic Heritage Society for African Continent Committee Sheikh Jazzim Aleinati who was also the guest of honor said his country is aware of the challenges Malawi is facing.

    “Kuwait is aware of the situations which this country is going through we are trying harder to work with the current MAM leadership to reduce some of those challenges and I have heard all the requests which have been raised here but am not promising anyone but In Shaa Allah we will continue giving out this support,” said Aleinati.


    The leader; Sheikh Muhammad Idrissah

    He also asked people in the country to pray harder so that they should be coming eventually in the country to do this charitable works.

    “We promised that we will continue assisting the country until late this year and we are trying to keep our promises and today we are here in Chikwawa whereby over 800 people will benefit from the relief items which we are distributing,” he said.

    In his speech Iliasi Karim said he is happy with the leadership of Sheikh idrissah Muhammad for not hesitating when the law maker asks for his constituents.

    He advised the eligible voters for August 31 MAM national elections to give the current MAM leader the second chance to change the mindset of non-Muslims they always have on Islam.