How Islam Changed My Life: Sister Faida Chithambo

    Faida Flora Chithambo: Islam saved my life

    A humble life with peace and quite is better than a splendid one with danger and risk. So goes the famous adage. At the age of 40 sister Faida Chithambo who popularly known as Flora, gives us her story on how she went astray and how she became a Shehaat. Apart from being a grandmother of two, she is also a dramatist and a poet. She likes sharing her wonderful and beautiful story through different channels so as she did with Malawi Muslim Official Website at Kameza Training Centre in Blantyre on Sunday where Muslim Sisters Aids Network (Musanet) held Youth Counselling Workshop. Listen to her full story in Chichewa. For all those who dont know Chichewa, we are working on English version and we will upload it inshallah.


    1. A very touching and tear-shedding audio, May Allah bless Miss Faida, and reserve a high place for her with sufficient shadow, which, there shall not b any shadow except that of This is really a very good example which young sisters especially Muslimahs should take.

    2. To all those who have maneged to listen to this audio I hope we have learned a lot of things,my special thanks to Miss Faida for her frankness, the audio has brought a message if to be taken ito consideration more espacially to the Muslim youth I think we are going to reduce this rampage of early preginancies. One of the lessons gained from this audio is,we have to be very careful when choosing whom to be friend,characteristics of a good friend,not everything your friend tells you is good for you ponder before you take any step. A lot of frankness is needed in this fight agaist immoral behaviour (sex) if we are to reduce teenage preginancies. Keep it up Miss Faida,may the Almighty Allah bless you and your family and open all doors of bounty for you inshaallah, ameen.

    3. The story of Sister Faida should be a turning point for our sisters else where. We thank the sister for sharing her life experience with us

    4. Very tourching and inspiring message. I still saliute Sister Faida for the message which we believe other sisters will take note of it and change their behaviours.May Allah give her hidaya Insha-Allah

    5. Sad story but full of lessons.It is evident in the analysis that not all bad conducts are intentional but rather a certain force acts as an agent.Muslim sisters should pick one or two things and relate the same to their current situation thereafter amend our shorcomings.Thank you sister for being free to relate your story to muslim ummat.May Allah strengthen your imaan and allow you into paradise inshaallah.

    6. Islam is a religion which provides solutions to the humanities' is indeed important to those who in one way or the other have gone through some trials in life and Islam provided them with solutions to share with others. such testimonies indeed do provide some reminder and strength to others. It is for this reason that we should thank sister Faida for sharing her experience with the ummah so that from her experince we can also learn something beneficail. May Allah bless our sister in Islam.

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