Government Gives Back Impounded “Kabaza” Motorcycles


Malawi Government will from next week start giving back motorcycles that the Malawi Police Service (MPS) impounded from motorcycle Kabaza operators across the country on the ground that they were causing many accidents on the roads.

Speaking in Parliament on Thursday, Minister of Homeland and Security, Richard Chimwendo Banda said Government will give back the motorcycles free of charge saying the Ministry of Transport has arranged training for Kabaza operators on how to use the roads in order to avoid increasing cases of accidents which Kabaza motorcycles have contributed to many.

Chimwendo said the Ministry of Transport has negotiated with a local Non-Governmental Organization to train the Motorcycle Kabaza operators at a lower fee of K20,000 saying this fee is lower than MK150,000 which Government earlier introduced before police started a campaign of impounding unlicensed motorcycle Kabaza’s in cities, towns, and trading centers across the country.

Government has since given 30 days for Kabaza motorcycle operators to register their motorcycles and have two helmets, one for the operator and the other for a customer saying the Motorcycle Operators Association will be engaged in the process of giving back the impounded Kabaza motorcycles so that they are released to the rightful owners.