Government Okays Muslim Youth Society

Dickson- The National Public Relations Officer of Muslim Youth Society.

The Malawi Government through the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs has offered a Certificate of Incorporation to the Mzuzu based Muslim Youth Society (MYS).

MYS National Public Relations Officer Ahmad Allie Dickson has confirmed the development.

Dickson says the certificate opens doors to the Muslim Youth Society. He says now MYS can easily take part in local and international programs constitutionally.

“Today, (Friday, 13th August 2021) MYS is now fully registered under the Ministry of Justice after receiving its Certificate of Incorporation. The certificate will help MYS to easily participate in major national and international programs. It shows dedication, credibility, and commitment of the organization to work within national and international legal limits and standards,” Dickson says.

MYS National Public Relations Officer says the certificate will also help to network with other organizations in the country.

“Before you become an organization, there are several requirements and steps you need to take. At every step, there are series of lessons and training that need to be taken that launches you into creating a better organization,”

“The Certificate of Incorporation does not only help your organization to operate freely within the limits of the legal framework but also creates a chance to network with other government and non-governmental organizations and Stakeholders because you become recognized by the government which coordinates and regulates the operations of the organization in conjunction with CONGOMA. such networking creates exposure and coordination in as far as achieving your objectives is concerned,” Dickson says.

Recently, the Muslim Youth Society (MYS) had launched a magnificent community library that is expected to equip Malawians with beneficial knowledge in Mzuzu city.

Speaking in an interview with the Malawi Muslims Official Website after the launch, Dickson said lack of religious and Malawi syllabus-based (primary, secondary school, and tertiary) literature around Mzuzu city libraries is what made the organization came up with the community library initiative.

Other than educational projects, Muslim Youth Society has projects to do with health and nutrition, community empowerment through entrepreneurship, ICT, agribusiness, infrastructure, participation and leadership, and environmental conservation.