HRDC Postpones 28 May Demos


Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has postponed the demonstrations that were slated for 28th May, 2020 with the aim of forcing Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson and her fellow Commissioners to resign for botching 2019 presidential polls.

Speaking today during a press briefing HRDC chairperson Gift Trapence said they have decided to postpone the demos because of some issues.

“As HRDC we are announcing the postponement of the demonstrations that were slated for 28th May 2020. Malawians are aware that two weeks ago we had a press briefing and on that presser we announced our intention to hold national demonstrations with the aim of forcing Dr. Jane Ansah to resign. Dr Jane Ansah resigned and also the other issue is that government through presidential spokesperson Mr Mgeme Kalilani announced that the new commissioners will be instituted by 5 June 2020. These two issues have made us to postpone but not completely canceling the demonstrations,” said Trapence.

Trapence also noted that HRDC is going to wait up to 5 June and if there will be no changes in the commission they will organize demonstrations.

“As HRDC we are going to wait up to 5 May and if Muntharika will not appoint new commissioners by then, we will definitely hold another demonstrations and this time we are going to match to the statehouse and this time we will mobilize 3 million people. As HRDC we are also asking the appointing authority to appoint people whom Malawians will have trust in them because we know that they can appoint some people who will mess up again the next elections so we are pleading with the appointing authority to appoint the new Commission that we as Citizens of Malawi will have faith in them and they are going to hold free and fair elections”,said Trapence.

HRDC have been organizing demonstrations after 2019 elections with the aim of forcing MEC Chairperson and Commissioners to stepdown for mismanaging the 2019 elections.

Meanwhile the parliament, Constitutional Court as well as the Supreme Court found the MEC immediate past chairperson and the commissioners incompetent on how they handled the 2019 elections.