Huge Islamic gathering begins in Mangochi


Mangochi, Malawi — Tens of thousands of Muslims began streaming to the Old Airport in Mangochi Friday for the start of a three-day Islamic gathering that will likely attract over 10,000 Muslims to discuss the Quran and listen to sermons by Islamic scholars from Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania.

The three-day long National Islamic Ijtmah begins Friday and ends on Sunday.

According to the organizing chairperson, Sheikh Muhammad Idrissa, academics and professionals are expected to join millions of Muslim devotees from Malawi. All types of preparations including making different infrastructures and stage have been going forward with the participation of National Islamic Ijtma crew as well as volunteers.

To ensure water supply in the Ijtema several water tanks are being set up in the area including sufficient facilities of ablution places and over 45 toilets have constructed.
The gathering, held annually since 42 years ago, is one of the largest Muslim gatherings in Malawi and the world. It aims to revive the code of belief of Islam and promote peace through prayer. It has been organized by Muslim Association of Malawi before National Islamic Ijtmah organization took it in 2007.

However, Malawian Muslims have asked the organizers and guest of owners to tackle issues of HIV/AIDS, introduction of new Islamic university and many other challenges which affect Muslim community in the Country.


  1. I wish all brothers and sisters who attend this great gathering, a blessed time and May Allah reward them for their special time.

    I hope all Malawian Muslims are there except those whom Allah has not allowed, since it's like our Hajj in Malawi when Muslims from allover the country should meet and discuss their religious and social problems.

    May Allah bless them all.

  2. wishing them all the best and asking Allah to bless this gathering so that whatever they discuss, should be of benefit to all muslims not only in malawi but world over.I believe malawi muslim online will be on site to update the world on the progress of the ijitma. hope the issues that were requested by the people will be considered and discussed. this is the only way to ensure that people's suggestion even though they are not in attendance have contributed to this important islamic gathering. may Allah bless you all.


    Its every muslim,s prayer that this gathering unites all muslims in the country and provides a platform to reflect on important issues concerning Muslims and Islam in general. For instance, what do we do with such developments as christians providing bibles to Muslim kids and engaging them in other things after classes so that they do not attend Madrassas? Lets shine our eyes please and do something so that we protect what we have…… Tisamangogona chooondeeee.

  4. Well done muslims.The theme is very important and require materialisation.Think of University, islamic complex and the like!good ideas and likely to be transformed into reality inshaallah.Best rewards to all who participated this years Ijtima.May Allah reward the organisers and bless all what have been discussed.

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