I am The Only Cleanest Person Ever Worked With MAM – Shareef

    Dr Shareef: I am the only cleanest person ever worked with MAM

    Former Secretary General for Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) Sheikh Dr Imran Shareef has described his time at the association as a success and that he is ‘the only cleanest person ever’ of all the people who have worked with MAM.

    Sheikh Dr Shareef’s remarks come at a time when some executive members of MAM are conspiring of dragging him to court over corrupt allegations.

    It is alleged that during his time, Dr Shareef has been diverting money into his pocket which was supposed to be for the association.

    Reports have it that last Sunday, some members of the executive committee met in Kanjedza discussing on how they will drag Shareef to court but the move hit a snag as there were mixed reactions among the members.

    Other members agreed with the move while others saw it unviable looking at the point that those who moved the motion could not produce any evidence to back their claims.

    When asked if at all they are aware of the meeting, both MAM National Chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad and Secretary General Sheikh Dr Salmin Omar confirmed the development but quashed the allegations of dragging Shareef to court.

    “While we acknowledge the fact that Shareef swindled a lot of money for MAM, (because we have evidence on this) we cannot take him to court. Sharia does not allow us to do so – we let alone Allah to punish him whether in this life or the hereafter for all evil things he has been doing while he has been working here as secretary general,” said the National Chairman.

    However, Sheikh Dr Imran Shareef has laughed off the matter and challenged the association to have him arrested. He said as far as he knows, he has never taken any penny for MAM.

    “I am not afraid to be arrested because I know I have never eaten even a single penny of Muslim Association of Malawi. I am independent and I do my own things. I am the only cleanest person ever worked with MAM. People have to know that despite working with MAM, I was a commissioner for healthy services; I was the lecturer and Muslim World League’s country director. In all those positions, I was paid, so what could stop me from having a lot of money?

    “Even that Issa Ali N’jauju who is among the team which want me arrested, knows the procedure which was supposed to be followed for someone to take money from MAM bank account. He was the authorising signatory. The cheque could not pass without being signed by three people (Chairman, Secretary General and Treasurer). So, you mean he could just be signing cheques and letting me to divert money into my account without saying anything?” he lamented.

    Dr Shareef added he is aware that it is his former schoolmate Sheikh Dr Salmin Omar who speculates this ‘nonsense’ and described him as the ‘Worst Secretary General’ the association has ever had.

    “He is the worst Secretary General MAM has ever had. Look, he connived with the Chairman to remove all people whom I employed. He removed Saiti Jambo so that he should take over his position. As I am saying now, he is holding two positions, getting two salaries as both Secretary General and Executive Director. During my time, I put some sheikhs who do dawah work in the country on MAM’s payroll and they were paid by the Saudi Kingdom but when this regime came it has removed all of them. Dr Salmin has nothing to offer to the Muslim community and if he thinks that he will prove to be good an administrator by castigating me then he will not prosper,” he added.


    1. I totally desagree with the assertions made by the MAM chairman Sheikh Idrissah that Shariah does not allow Muslims to take the corrUpt person to court, this is not true and furthermore it is against Quran.Islam does not tolerate any sorts of corruption.And it is clearlly stated in there, that thives must be brought into acount and once found quity their hands must be cut off and no mercy on this practice. My question is what Message is beeing disseminated by the chairman to people of malawi, does he want to say that Muslims should be thifs? what kind of leadrship is he trying to pose? should we say that birds of the same fithers flock togethger is a governing principle of this administration? Even government positions should not be given to Muslims since their shriah allows them not take thives into account? If i were him (chairman) i would have said we are not going to charge the corrup because we dont want to , not sharia obstract us from doing it. Remember the Quran unequvocally stressed that carsed are those who formulate lies and say that this is what Allah said. If you ask me  how to deal with such corrupt, unvisionarry  leaders, I may say NO TO SUCH LEARDERHIP! simply becouse they are misleading Muslims and demaging the good image of Islam.By saying all this, I am not giving the evidence that the alleged person is corrupt but rather saying what is supporsed to be done islamically.

    2. Some of this things just show that we are misguiding the muslim Ummah and mixing personal issues in our society we cant judge you whilst washing dirty linen in public? A we trying to dilute our integrity as learned sheikhs on this forum?

    3. WARNING to Skh Dr Salmin Omar and Skh Dr Imraan Shareef.

      I never thought Shareef would publicly and shamelessly talk ill of Salmin in such a way through public media!
      Unfortunately i just discovered this site/article today, or i would have sent my immediate views then.
      However, I feel i am patriotically and religiously obliged to air my views on this shameful article for i have known these guys for decades.
      Well, Salmin and Shareef; you must never allow the global media publish your internal and personal matters, no matter how grave they may seem.
      I advise (both of you) to please sit, reflect and ask Allah’s guidance on such issues before letting externals in.
      Understand the influence you had (still have?) on the hundreds if not thousands of youths and future leaders of Islam, Malawi and potentially the world. Mind you, the younger people and their friendships you influenced have gone and settled in different parts of the globe and are following this with deep sadness!
      Let me remind you that; for many decades you (Salmin & Shareef) admirably lived like inseparable twins! You practically wore, prayed, studied, rejoiced, wept, played, ate and drunk together, even more than blood brothers! What on earth has wrong? or gotten into your minds, that you can’t open your eyes and those intelligent minds and accept that enough is enough? What happened to that inspiring camaraderie?
      Is it some minor designations or a few tambala’s that has blind folded and corrupted your well informed and religious minds? You both know that you have the potential to quadruple what you have earned thus far – Allah willing! Please grow and wise up! Islam and the country needs your combined force!
      Now let me WARN you gentlemen, for Allah’s and Islam’s sake; STOP exposing your dirty laundry to the public because that has severe if not detrimental effect on Islam, Muslims and Malawi than you can ever comprehend.
      Salmin & Shareef, you have way more to offer than bashing each other on the global media! Use the opportunities, wisdom and unique talents Allah blessed you with on efforts that unite Muslims, develop Islam and builds Malawi.
      I should know that; human beings will always differ on some issues; it is in our innate behaviour. But Allah will certainly punish you if you continue to allow petty differences; evil friends and worldly affairs totally destroy that inspiring friendship Allah helped you build and nourish for years! A united force; could potentially contribute significantly on the development of Islam and Malawi.

      Mind you, your friendship inspired hundreds if not thousands of Moslem youths – particularly those who were in secondary and university/collage in the early 1990’s. I believe that Bilaal (the current MAM chair) just like many of us was then personally inspired by Salmin & Shareef’s passion, intellect, style and exemplary friendship.
      For Allah’s sake please set aside your differences and rekindle the influence you had on the future leaders of our Ummah and the Nation. It is never too late!
      It is so unfortunate let alone painful to witness that; the whole Chairman “Sheikh?!” would stand on presidential and national Ijtimaa podiums to castigate fellow Muslims (with opposing views) and in full glare of international media, without a tiny sense of concern on the destructive implication this has on Muslims, their unity and more especially the negative perception from outsiders and potential enemies.
      Millions of eyes are on you! Sort out your differences behind closed doors for Allah’s sake! Please don’t humiliate us in public! We all have our own problems that we grapple with in private. You all know well about Adab and Islamic shariah, please put into practice!
      The younger leaders and their true friendships you inspired are closely watching you and tearing upon reading such articles about you. Please get back into being the exemplary role models you have always been. Let the younger generation and our children understand the value of true and long term friendship.
      Salmin & Shareef, remember who you really are, where you come from and the distances and challenges you have surmounted together … BIM, North Africa, Mid East, Far East, South Africa! I can go on and on if time and space allowed.
      In all, you are a unique and powerful pair and know about each other possibly more than any other. Please do not allow those who have came to know you after your public arrival (making a mark) deter you from your soar and sweet memories. Before your new friends were there, Salmin & Shareef shared YEARS of long travels, learning new cultures, testing strange foods, long sleepless nights of studying, hardships, sicknesses and many more secrets only the two of you know
      As Muslims, It is our duty to nurture, develop and fully unleash that with relative potential in our midst; otherwise we risk being trampled upon for more decades to come. May Allah awake us!
      Again, my warning to Salmin & Shareef; Allah blessed you with unique potential. If you combine it like you used to and unleash it accordingly, you will (as expected) hugely contribute towards well being of Malawi and Muslims in particular. Only Allah knows why he favoured you among many, so please stop allowing anyone or your bickering blind you from that which is noble and greater than the two of you.
      Accept my apologies if this offend anyone; my intention is nothing but use our capabilities to unite, build and develop our Ummah and the Nation.
      I have conveyed my heartfelt message Oh Allah, and may you and your Angels bear witness with me on the Aakhirat. Ameen.
      I rest my case.

    4. We have been very proud of you two, why now castgetting each other on public podium like this. Get a life ma Shaikh, Ife timasangalala akamati Sh. Dr. May Allah Taala save us and our Deen

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