“I began Business with 30,000 Kwacha Now I Order Items from China,”- Asiatu Moresi

Asiatu Moresi is just like any other youth who dreams big in life. She is a student at the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHES). The name KUHES seems to be new to many of you. KUHES is comprised of Kamuzu College of Nursing (KCN) and College of Medicine (COM) after delinking of the University of Malawi.

I am sure you also know that the Polytechnic which was also a Constituent College of the UNIMA is now called the Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS). I am sure you also know that Chancellor College is the only college authorized to be called the University of Malawi.

Let me take you back to Asiatu Moresi aged 22 from Area 36, Lilongwe who is the first “Muslim Youthful Entrepreneur,” to be featured in the newly introduced “Muslim Youth in Entrepreneurship, “ Section on Malawi Muslims Official Website.

Asiatu is a third year student studying Bachelor of Science in Adult Health Nursing at the then Kamuzu College of Nursing-Lilongwe Campus which is now part of KUHES.

Despite being a health professional in the making, Asiatu is also an entrepreneur who is making positive strides. She tells the Malawi Muslims Official Website that she developed an enthusiasm for business when she was at primary school.

“l actually sell outfits, hand bags, school bags, wardrobes and many more. I started business when l was in primary school, l used to sell water packed in plastic paper. When l was in Secondary school at Mwenyekondo Community Day Secondary School in 2015, l started selling jiggies smacks to my classmates. When l was in second year first semester at the University, l started ordering from Tanzania. l started my business with 30 thousand Malawi Kwacha. I ordered 15 slip-on only then my business was growing gradually and later l started ordering from china. I do all of this online. l call it online business. I have a group called Taheela Fashions and I have a lot of customers so far. I can offer bridesmaids dresses for Nikkah and weddings,” she says.

Asiatu says her father is her role model. She says the capital (30,000 Malawi Kwacha) of her business was the monthly upkeep that her father gave her in November, 2019.

“My dad was is role model from the beginning. He does business and he is our breadwinner. I also once worked in a certain shop in area 24 after l wrote my Malawi School Certificate Examinations and the owner was so hardworking, l liked her so she just continued to motivate me as my dad did. Despite these two people l love doing what l love, l love business. It is my passion,” she tells Malawi Muslims Official Website.

Asiatu who scooped 17 points in MSCE at Mwenyekondo Community Day Secondary School says she has secrets to see her business continue making positive strides.
“When l sold goods in stock, l would use the profit to order more goods than before and l made sure that l had good prices so that l should attract more customers. On top of that l order original goods,” she says.

Asiatu , however, says doing studies and business at the same time is very had.

“Doing business together with business is not that easy. I can’t lie to you. I don’t have a shop so l always deliver to my customers sending wherever they want. I mostly send the items during weekends and some of my friends and relatives help me in delivering goods because own on my own l can’t manage. It’s too much. After graduating from University l will open a shop and get an employee so that she/ he will be selling when am at work and I will be running business during my day off as a nurse,” she says.

Asiatu decries that she receives less support from Muslim youth.

“When l sell Muslim outfits, l don’t make much money than when l sell ordinary clothes. The problem with youth is that they don’t want to see their friend growing financially. I deal with this challenge by ordering what is marketable that time,” she says.

Asiatu urges other Muslim youth who need to start business that they should believe in themselves and put God first always.
“Everything is possible when you put effort and don’t believe in what others will say, some people are there to see you not progressing in life, to pull you down. Make your dreams come true you can make it. Do all what it takes to meet your goals,” she says.

She further says the other problem is that the public underrate youthful entrepreneurs in Malawi.

“Business environment for the youth in Malawi is narrow because the public thinks that we can’t offer them what business older women or men offer. They think, we are playing so all we have to do is to fit in and prove them wrong. Show them that we can do this as well. We can create the good business environment for ourselves,” Asiatu tells Malawi Muslims Official Website.

You need to buy items from Asiatu? Contact her on 0996 35 97 46.

If you are a Muslim Youth Entrepreneur and you need to be featured in the section, don’t hesitate. Contact Bright Malenga on +256 753 30 27 67 (WhatsApp). Email: malengabright@gmail.com .

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