Idana Quits IIB Youth Desk: “It Was a Hard Decission To Make”

Idana: It was hard decission to make

Islamic Information Bureau’s Youth Desk officer Jafar Idana has resigned from his post saying he wants to concentrate on his personal business.

 Idana who was dedicated towards the revamping of the Muslim Students Association (MSA) joined IIB in 2007.

“I just want to see the other side of the coin. I know it is a difficult decision to make but I had no choice. I am still young and I have the future. It’s time to move on,” said Idana.

Idana said he is happy leaving IIB Youth Desk as he has achieved almost all what he wanted to achieve. He said his main aim after joining the organisation especially the youth department, was to revive the MSA, which he is proud that he has achieved.

“Very few Muslim students did know that there is an organisation that represents them. They did not even know its objectives. But during my tenure I have managed to revive it and now the youth are able to witness the work of my hands of which I am proud of,” he said.

Apart from conducting various students’ activities, he initiated the radio programme on Radio Islam called MSA talk show that gives Muslim students to express their thoughts on issues affecting their lives.

During his tenure, the youthful leader managed to open youth desk offices in Lilongwe and Zomba city.

Youth gather at a recent activity organised by Idana

The outgoing Youth desk officer has also instilled the spirit of confidence among the Muslim students that they can conduct an activity for their own benefit.

Despite achieving alot,Idana had to endure many challenges but the major one was the accusations levelled against him by some school owners that he wanted to ‘Islamise’ their institutions due to his Halqa programme. Under this programme he was visiting muslim students in most of the Blantyre based secondary schools on weekly basis.

Idana however said his quitting does not mean that the desk has stopped function since another person has been identified as his possible replacement.

“My fellow youth should not be worried with my leaving. IIB youth desk and MSA are there and only needs each and every stakeholder to play his or her part for the betterment of the entire Muslim society. The only message that I have to my successor is that he should be creative. He should have confidence and be able to come up initiatives. I believe that he will perform better than me,” said Idana.

In bid to  recognise his effort, IIB last week (Sunday) arranged a Muslim students get together in order to accord him a chance of bidding farewell to his fellow youth.

In a random interview conducted by this website, it has been revealed that most youth are not happy with the development stating that there may be some issues which has forced him to resign rather than concentrating on his personal business.

“Jafar is a man who had passion for the youth development in the country and his departure is a big blow to us. I don’t think his reasons for quitting are genuine. But we will miss him so much,” said one youth who did not want to be named.

Reporting by Ali Blessings Idi


  1. Iknow brother.There will a better way to live.Get strongeq we all went through same veins.May Allah soften it for you InshaALLAH.

  2. Iknow brother.There will a better way to live.Get strongeq we all went through same veins.May Allah soften it for you InshaALLAH.

  3. Having known and discussed with Jafar for some time, I have this to say:

    Indeed the IIB Youth Desk is not going to be the same without Idana, not that he is unreplaceable, but the guy had passion for the youth and his work.  To him MSA was more of dawah than work. He was highly creative, had vision and weathered a lot of pressures from within his organisation as well as outside. Some used to see him as a threat and some appreciated his efforts.  But desipte all this he came out super.  He forged ahead with his programs as if nothing is wrong, he has a strong character and a great will.  He does not believe in lip service but he plans and actually implements whatever he would have planned, which is very rare in most of us.

    These are the kind of people we should nurture and try to keep within our Islamic organisations, but alas, we lose them just like that.

    My duas are with you Jafar wherever you are going to be. 

    R.I.P. Youth Desk

  4. Very bad.Muslims oppression.Really this young has a bright future.May Allah bless you young man where ever you go.

  5. Jafari my son your resignation with IIB is like cutting the future of our children to both secular and Islamiic education some of our kids have passed JC  because of your hardworking. Its a bomb shell
    to us my son. We will miss you Jafari. May Allah guide you in all your efforts endeavours Insha Allah


  6. Wishing you all the best.
     May Allah guide and open new doors..
    We can not be in positions for ever
    Organizations and position should never be personalized.
    We need to be smart enough to ensure all the operations are based on proper systems.
    I hope IIB got plan of succession.

  7.  Kalamuka kola

    Its a threat indeed to all the youth especially Muslim students.Jafari you did a lot if there is Achiphanzi may ALLAH protect and guide you from them.

  8. Its a threat indeed especially to all Muslim students.Jafari you did a lot,if there is Achiphanzi May ALLAH protect and guide you wherever you are.

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