“If The One Who received God Was a Polygamist, Who Are We to Stop Polygamy?” :Baptist Lieb Umah Ndiwombole-Zulu Asks

A man enjoying with his four wives

Some people have been thinking that it is only Islam which allows a man to marry more than one wife. This issue has been debated for so long time and today it has finalized as Baptist Eliya Ndiwombole-Zulu, interim chairperson of the Anti Medical Christian Churches Association of Malawi says to him it is important to practice polygamy than to access medicine.

“As a church we allow our members to have multiple wives (polygamy) but not have access to medicine. One can have any number of wives as long as he is able to look after them well,” he told James Chimpweya, Nation on Sunday Religious Forum reporter.

Ndiwombole-Zulu also said polygamy has not started now but it was there ever since and even the Bible especially Old Testament confirms.

“You may ask why? Whatever we do, we do according to Holy Scriptures. In the Old Testament we read that people like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had more than one wife. Moses who was speaking to God was also a polygamist. The forefathers of Jesus Christ were polygamists. The Bible does not hinder us to marry more than one wife,” said the interim chairperson.

A lot people have been saying that polygamy is one factor which contributes to the spread of HIV/AIDS but the Baptist denied the allegations saying people can not stop to marry because of plagues.

“There is a difference between a plague and the sickness. HIV and Aids is a plague as well as measles so we can’t stop people marrying because of these plagues. We believe God has power to take away these and for sickness we believe in prayer and God hears and answers. Under any circumstances, we do not allow our church members to take medication but they can be involved in polygamy. If the one who received God was a polygamist who are we to stop polygamy? Asked Ndiwombole-Zulu.


  1. Truth speaking it self,who are we to stop polygamy?stil more to come just wait and see.Another will come also with bright idea just like this.

    Hashiem Amanzie.

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