Islamic Commission for Justice and Peace Condemned

The Chairman of Islamic Commission for Peace and Justice, Ajassi Shaibu, is been accused for his infamous comments of calling for resignation of the Speaker of the National Assembly, Honorable Richard Msowoya MP.

Speaking on the platforms of MBC TV, the purported Ajassi, challenged the Speaker of the Malawi National Assembly, to immediately resign from his position, for what he call a questionable aid he gave to Jessie Kabwila to escape an arrest from police using the speaker’s official car.

Jessie Kabwila, a senior member of Malawi Congress Party, an opposition block in the Malawi National Assembly, was hunted for sedition charges as claimed by police.

While it is freedom of expression as enshrined in the constitution of the Republic of Malawi, and that of democratic rights, which gave Ajassi Shaibu the freedom to make sentiments of calling for resignation of the Speaker of the National Assembly, his comments receives waves of condemnation.

Among those in the plethora of condemnation include Muslim Women of Mubarak Complex.

Mubarak Complex women have condemned the sentiments made by Shaibu Ajassi saying have nothing to do with the interest of Muslims and Islam in the country, rather personal and political in nature.

The group has condemned him saying he is being used by a certain group of people for their own benefits unfortunately, the development turnish the image of Islam in Malawi.

“I was ashamed watching Shaibu speaking on television.” You can see that he is being used, let’s say abused. Let me clarify he was there just to serve himself not Islam or the entire Muslims per se,” said Munira Bakali Abdaullah of Mubarak Complex

The group appealed to Ajassi not to attribute his comments on the resignation of the Speaker of the National Assembly, as the voice of Muslims in the country.

Munira encourage fellow Muslim, leaders and Muslim women to participate in current affairs, but only in a way that is positive to the majority of Malawians or Malawian Muslims and not for individual gains.

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