Islamic Concern Condemns Muslim women Dancing in People’s Party rallies



    One of the Islamic groups, Islamic Concern, has expressed worry with the continued tendency of other Muslim women who are dancing during PP’s rallies.

    According to Kassim Anafi, who is a Secretary General for the organisation said what the women are doing is contrary to the teachings of Islam.

    In his remarks, Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) Chairman for Blantyre District, Aman Omar, claimed that during the United Democratic Front (UDF) regime, the women never danced in the rallies.

    “During the UDF under the leadership of Dr Bakili Muluzi the former President of Malawi we could see the women attending rallies but not to the extent of actually dancing and shouting Takbeer in front of men,” Omar was quoted by Radio Islam Malawi.



    1. what is the meaning of islamic concern ?
      A islamic concern , am not supporthng the idea koma mukuchepa nazo to give a fatwa because women dance in front of men during nikkah ceremonies
      Infact i have a very beauiful video tape for the so called islamic concern to watbh how some muslim women putting on beautiful hijabs danced in front of men when welcoming Late GADAFFI at the airport. Kodi inali nthawi ya Bingu osati muluzi eti ,? Pepani mashehe a islamic CONCERN komabe BWINOTU BWINO chifukwa ndizimene mukufuna kupela MASHEHE ANZANU

    2. its a shame that you are condemning this behaviour on small forums. why dont you bstand up and criticise this behaviour even in front of those they dance for? As a sister ngusatenda soni kulola yeyila because there are notable Islamic leaders in those rallies…I even heard they were called upon by a so-called “muslim” who only wants to satisfy his selfish personal goals, yet we have a whole MAM why cant it condemn him and the party? all you do is go to the president to badmouth your fellow muslims instead of uplifting the deen, selfish men, busy talking abou enemies of Islam when we are our own enemies, we are not united its every man for himself not for Islam…please dont use our poverty as an object of self enrichment, we deserve respect pliz…achiwankwenu ngawa nkwakunda kuti atendedye yeyira nambo wachimisyene lig’ongo wakulag’a? ALLAH akuona, tidzakayankha….my message is simple: dont condemn it in front of muslims who already know its haraam, condemn it in front of those people…isnt Islam about saying the truth?That is also a form of ‘jihaad fii sabili LLAH”….# I rest my case

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