Islamic Information Bureau Announces The List of The Brothers And Sisters to Attend Hajj in Saudi





Holy Place of Meccah

The following is a list of Malawi Muslim brothers and Sisters who have won “Relatives of prophet Muhammad (S.AW) and his companions” competition organised by Saudi Arabia.


  1. Hassan William from Namwera
  2. Aisha Yusuf Tutla from Lilongwe and her husband
  3. Rashida Abdulahh Sumat from Mzuzu and her husband
  4. Brother Saajid Jogg from Lilongwe
  5. Brother Farook Yusuf Bhana from Blantyre
  6. Brother Abdullah Oman from Blantyre



  1. Fatuma Matola from Blantyre


  1. Fatuma Daud Patel


  1. Aisha Daud Mussa
  2. Safian Yaqub


For more infomation you can contact Islamic Information Bureau National Coordinator, Sheikh Dinala Chabulika at Limbe office, Blantyre.


  1. Very best wishes to all brothers and sisters who joined in the competition, May Allah bless them and increase their knowledge.

    To those who did not get those prizes, do not despair, next time InshaAllah. Joining in the competition showed your courageousness and full self-possession that you are very sure of what you know. Remember that knowing something about Islam and carrying it out has a very big reward both on this world and the hereafter. Baaraka Allah Feekum.

    • Performing Haj is the most special pillar of Islam. It is the fifth pillar which is to be performed once in one's lifetime; this gives clear evidence that the rite is great, important and has a perpetual reward which meets the final reward "Jannah" to all my brothers and sisters who are going for Pilgrimage this year; take this chance a life time chance, invest your duas every day and night of your Hajj, and you shall yield great achievement on the day when there will be no mercy except to those who performed what Allah (sw) commanded.

      May Allah grant us a chance to perform Hajj – Ameen

  2. Congratulations! this is a reward from Allah and we require much effort in our research so that knowledge about the ahlilibayti should be known inshaallah.

  3. The organisers are well aware that arabic is not heard by most Malawian origin citizens.If the questions were translated and then let the respondents transfer the answers to the arabic question papers, it would be much appriciated.I say this because it looks to me that many of the winners are Malawians of Indian origin seem to access good education on arabic language and seerat.Inshaallah let us make duas so that Allah gives us understanding ameen.

    • Its true.But I heard that organisers were translating questions from Arabic to Chichewa to give everybody the chance to compete. But the problem is that of poor understanding of Arabic. Allah knows best!

      • Sheikh Chiyenda distributed the questions to Dawah Group members who participated a meeting during the first month of Ramadhan but while in pure arabic, Anyway.This will as well encourage us to learn more and more inshaallah.

    • Thanks to the competition origin, but at least the organizers were supposed to think of who would answer the questions. Should we always expect that where there is Islamic competition no Malawian is going to have chance? If questions were not translated, then it was for educated Malawians and Indians who know Arabic only.

      Let's pray for an improvement Insha-Allah

  4. All the questions were hard,totaly different to the Islamic education level of all most 95% of Malawians.pomposo there is rafal draw why cant they make them easier….

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